2015 Gathering Workshop Schedule

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Session Descriptions and Details subject to change without notice.

*Please check your printed program the day of the Gathering to find their assigned room!

Time Session Room
8:00-8:45   Registration Entrance Doors
Welcome by Sarah Leeson-Klym
Opening Prayer and Welcome by Elder Flora Zaharia
"Connecting the Dots” with keynote speakers Clayton Thomas-Muller and Elder Stan McKay
Main Gym
10:00-10:30     Networking Break Main Gym
10:30-12:00 Session One
All 1 Understanding and Changing Public Policy 121
T 2 Change Theory: Planning for Positive Organizational Change 106
F 3 Social Impact Bonds: Promises & Pitfalls 105
CO, PR, C, R 4 How Cooperatives Build Community: An Introduction to Cooperatives 104
T, ED, C, F 5 Earned Revenue Strategies for Your Non-Profit 103
A, E, C, N 6 Conversation with Keynotes: Elder Stan McKay & Clayton Thomas-Muller (Clayton to be confirmed) Library
ED, C 7 Community Development, Public Transportation, and Unionism 114
G, C 8 The Transformative Nature of Women’s Centres 115
G, C, T 9 Creating Safer and Inclusive Spaces for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals 102
T, C 10 Evaluation: You’re Not Alone! 117 (Drama Room)
N, A, C 11 Inter-Cultural Understanding: Urban Indigenous Communities and Immigrant and Refugee Newcomers in Winnipeg 101
A, C 12 Red Rising Magazine: Giving Voice to Urban Indigenous Youth 119
12:00-1:00 Lunch
Co-operEAT! with members of the newly formed abORIGINAL Student Co-op 100
1:00-2:30 Session Two
CO, PR 13 Housing Cooperative Basics 104
H, C 14 Recovery for All: Supporting Mental Health Recovery Across the 106
All 15 Community Economic Development: CED 101 121
E, F, ED, R 16 “Greening Micro Finance” Screening of Documentary & Discussion with the Filmmaker 119
T, C 17 Social Media in Practice 101
A, P, C 18 Aboriginal Population in Winnipeg: Using Data in the Community 102
G, C, T 19 Fostering Leadership: A National Model for Women’s Empowerment 103
P, PR, ED 20 The Ins and Outs of Basic Income 105
T 21 Empathetic Innovation Library
PR, T 22 Access to Benefits: A Key Pillar of Financial Empowerment 114
PR, P, ED, C 23 We Can Make Poverty History: Learn How & Get Involved 115
Networking Break
2:45-4:15 Session Three
CO, ED, A, H 24 Co-ops 201: Beyond the Basics 104
F, T 25 Credit Risk Considerations for Non-Profits 101
T 26 How to Read Financial Statements 102
ED 27 Doing Social Business 119
ED, F, P 28 Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy Progress Update Library
G, PR 29 Counting Women In: Women & Housing 103
C, P 30 Sherbrook Pool Collaborative Programming Model: New Approach with the City of Winnipeg and Consultation 121
FS, C 31 Food Cooperatives: Food Skills Programs for Communities 105
N, T, H 32    Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Newcomer Youth 106
4:15-4:30 Closing Remarks with the Gathering Planning Team In each session

Co-operEAT! with members of the newly formed abORIGINAL Student Co-op (Room 100)

In 2014, a group of students from Children Of The Earth High School decided to undertake the challenge of starting up a business.  As members of MCA’s new Student Cooperative Program, they formed a co-op and called it abORIGINAL Student Co-op.

The business idea came from assessing the needs of their peers. In order to help student- artists from the Aboriginal Art class whose intent was to sell their art and crafts, the members of the student co-op went through all the necessary steps that an entrepreneur must face when starting a new business.  The students learned basic business principles, created a marketing plan, managed finances, and organized 2 major events to sell the art.  A year later, their records show 50 artists participating, $5,000 in sales and over 250 visitors!  The wealth of experience gained and personal growth by working as a member of a team will also translate into valuable attributes on their resumes. 

At lunch time, these entrepreneurs will be sharing their experience with you. Please join the conversation, and share your thoughts. Lunch will be available in the room. See you there!

The lenses: *

Youth (Y), Tools, Skills and Practices (T), Rural (R), Newcomers (N), Economic Development and Jobs (ED), Poverty Reduction (PR), Aboriginal (A), Environment (E), Policy (P), Community Organizing ( C ), Co-ops (CO), Food Security (FS), Gender (G), Finance (F), Health (H)

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