2015.9 Pre-Development Funding for New Co-operative Housing Projects

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Whereas: Housing co-operatives offer housing at a cost that is much more affordable than average private sector rental costs, offer security through democratic decision making by the members, and build capacity in members through their participation in the governance structure.

Whereas: The Province of Manitoba has long encouraged and supported the development of housing cooperatives of all types. It has committed to increasing the number of safe affordable housing units available to Manitobans and is developing a renewed Co-op Visioning Strategy and a new Co-op Housing Strategy

Whereas: Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation’s (MHRC) present proposal funding guidelines limit the amount of funding available to new co-operatives at the pre-development stage, both in amount and use of funding. These limits prevent new housing cooperatives from undertaking important activities that are needed to properly prepare a proposal for financing, which makes it difficult to produce reliable estimates of project costs. 

Whereas: MHRC’s present proposal funding guidelines restrict funding to non-profit housing cooperatives, meaning that multi-stakeholder (other than not-for-profit) and limited equity housing cooperatives are ineligible for funding.

Whereas: These factors act as constraints upon the ability of the cooperative sector to increase affordable housing options.

Be It Resolved That:

CCEDNet – Manitoba urge the Province of Manitoba to review and revise the Proposal Development Funding Guidelines applicable to all Manitoba communities with an aim to:

  1. Increase the maximum amount of funding available to new housing cooperatives to amounts that would enable sufficient work to be completed at the proposal stage to allow for more accurate project costing.
  2. To review the activities for which this funding can be used.
  3. To allow this funding to be made available to all new housing cooperatives, including all multi-stakeholder and limited equity housing cooperatives.

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