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September 2012 Newsletter
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Canadian CED Network News


Register now for the 10th Annual CD/CED Gathering

Registration is now open for the 10th Annual CD/CED Gathering, taking place October 19 in Winnipeg. This year's Gathering will feature a keynote address from internationally renowned author and activist Raj Patel, and 30+ workshops on a variety of CED topics. The Gathering is a barrier-free event, with registration based on a pay-what-you-can system. For those that are able or willing, we graciously accept registration payments of $10, $20, $100 and $130.

Upcoming Webinars: A Very Handy Multi-Purpose Tool and a Roadmap to Resilience 

CCEDNet will be hosting two webinars in the coming weeks.
Co-ops: The 'Swiss Army Knife' of Community Economies will discuss how co-ops are catalyzing economic development in Canada and around the world. September 24 with free registration.
The Resilience Imperative: Remaking the CED Agenda? will include a conversation with with Mike Lewis on Resiliency – a next step for local economies in the transition to a low-carbon future. October 14, free for CCEDNet members. 

Alberta CED News 


Trico becomes first B corporation in homebuilding biz  

CCEDNet extends our congratulations to Trico Homes for becoming the first residential home builder in Canada to become a certified B Corporation. This certification s issued only to firms that operate with a triple bottom line by pursuing economic, social and/or environmental outcomes.
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Powering Up for Food  

Canada’s national food movement will gather in Edmonton this year for its biennial feast of food and ideas. Topics of the day will include social justice, energy, climate and long-term sustainability in relation to how we think about, produce and eat our food. This year's event takes place November 1-4, and will focus on the theme of Powering Up! Food for the Future. 
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UFA hopes $100K donation to end poverty will inspire others 

One of Canada’s largest co-operatives has recently contributed $100,000 to the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada’s (CDF’s) Build a Better World campaign. Calgary-based UFA Cooperative Ltd. donated the money to support CDF's work in alleviating poverty through co-operative development. 
(Source: ACCA)

A lens for the Alberta Social Policy Framework 

In the summer of 2012, the Government of Alberta launched a public consultation on the creation of a new social policy framework for the province. Thrive, Calgary's CED Network, prepared a submission recommending that a provincial Social Policy Framework adopt a CED lens, utilizing the economy and marketplace in innovative ways to improve social conditions.


National CED News

A Canadian Definition of Homelessness 

The Canadian Homelessness Research Network has developed a definition and typology of homelessness intended to improve understanding, measurement and responses to homelessness in Canada. According to the definition, "The problem of homelessness and housing exclusion refers to the failure of society to ensure that adequate systems, funding and support are in place so that all people, even in crisis situations, have access to housing."
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Update on the Special Committee on Co-operatives 

Parliament's Special Committee on Co-operatives ended its week of hearings in late July, having heard from a total of 62 witnesses representing 46 organizations across the country. Committee submissions from representatives of Canada's co-operative sector can be found here. A recent article about the committee in the Ottawa Business Journal is accessible here. The committee is expected to release its report in mid-September. 
(Source: CCA News Brief)

Nonprofit Applied Research Grants - Institute for Nonprofit Studies 

The Institute for Nonprofit Studies at Mount Royal University is once again presenting an opportunity for researchers in Canadian Universities to apply for an applied research grant. Two grants of up to $7,500 will be awarded. Letters of intent must be submitted before October 12. In related news, registration to the school’s Funding Policies and the Nonprofit Sector in Western Canada forum, taking place October 16-18, is now open. Contact Peter Elson at or visit for more information.

New eBooks illustrate how Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World 

From small shops to global organizations, co-operatives are building a better world, and a new series of eBooks intends to show how they're doing it. So far, the Co-operative News has released two books: The first provides examples of co-ops building a better world through food, and the second, released this month, shows how co-ops build a better world through finance.
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CED Tool: seToolbelt

The seToolbelt is a one-stop shop for social enterprise resources. Its content—over 1,400 free toolkits, cases, essays, videos, podcasts, business plans, research papers, and templates—comes from practice and spans regions, sectors, industries, and business functions. seToolbelt’s community focus is intended to connect and engage social enterprise practitioners around the world to work together on strategic, managerial, operational, and leadership issues related to social enterprise. 

Upcoming Events

Introduction to Social Enterprise Webinar
Hosted by enp >>

Imagine 2012: Conference on Co-op Economics
Quebec City, QC >>

Creating Rural Connections 2012
Olds, AB >>

Gathering of Alberta Co-ops 2012
Red Deer, AB >>

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