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July 2013 Newsletter

Canadian CED Network News

Alternative Energy Social Enterprise Creating Aboriginal Employment

Over thirty people toured a variety of Aki Energy work-sites on Peguis First Nation and Fisher River Cree Nation, Manitoba, on June 25th. Aki Energy is an aboriginal social enterprise that trains community members who face barriers to employment to install geothermal retrofits to local housing. Manitoba currently boasts the highest rate of geothermal installations per capita in Canada, and for good reason. By harnessing the naturally stable temperature beneath the earth's surface, geothermal energy is able to provide green heat and cooling for one third of the cost of traditional systems. CCEDNet-Manitoba was a co-organizer of the event along with Shaun Loney, BUILD's executive director. Special thanks is extended to the reserve communities for their hospitality and grace.

CCEDNet Members Meet in Cape Breton

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On July 10, Atlantic members of the Canadian CED Network met in Cape Breton, part of the Creative Community Business Conference held at Cape Breton University. The event was called CED in Atlantic Canada: Strategies for Development and featured CCEDNet's Executive Director Mike Toye and Manitoba regional coordinator Brendan Reimer. Brendan spoke about the exceptional strength of the Manitoba CED community, which has resulted in a strong membership for CCEDNet. He emphasized the importance of procuring policy, building relationships, and patience, as growth takes time and hard work. Mike covered the history and evolution of CCEDNet, as well as the historical and current challenges that have and continue to influence this evolution. Looking forward, Mike stressed the important role of the Network in fostering a thriving CED community across Canada. A big thanks to all hosts and organizers at the event!

British Columbia CED News

Social Enterprise Workshop Hits the Road

Enterprising Non-Profits will be hitting the road this fall to bring its nationally-renowned Social Enterprise Workshop to cities across British Columbia. Beginning September 10 in Vancouver, this workshop provides staff, boards and volunteers of non-profit organizations a day of learning on the "what and how" of social enterprise. In addition, attending the workshop qualifies your non-profit to apply for an enp technical assistance grant. From the Lower Mainland to Northern BC, this valuable learning opportunity is likely coming to a community near you.

Enterprising Non-Profits Announces Grant Recipients
enp has announced over $71,000 in grants and/or business consulting to organizations in British Columbia
. Click below for a list of all recipients. Congratulations to all. As the social enterprise model continues to spread, all who help foster it should be recognized.

Community Land Trust: Vancouver's Affordable Housing Fix?

Mike Lewis, the author of CCEDNet-favourite The Resilience Imperative, is a supporter of community land trusts as he views them as a plausible alternative to traditional capitalist land development. Community land trusts acquire and maintain property by using a non-profit model. Lewis was part of a taskforce that recently took the step that will allow the Community Housing Land Trust Foundation to lease four city-owned parcels of land, which will then be further sectioned and developed into affordable housing units. The start date for construction is scheduled for next March.

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Meet the Alberta CreateAction Interns!
For over a two months now, eight CCEDNet member organizations have been working with an intern with funding provided through the CreateAction program. The program's aim is to offer a six month internship to young post-secondary graduates who are considering a career in CED. Over the coming months, we aim to introduce you to these people with short bios that they have written themselves, and we hope that over time, they will meet some of you!

Mariah Robinson: Hello my name is Mariah Robinson. I am a ‘Namgis woman and from Alert Bay BC. I am married and have of one precious daughter. I am currently working with Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Society on Vancouver Island for my Summer Internship. I have one year left in the Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Undergrad Program at Vancouver Island University. My interests are soccer, faith, culture and healthy lifestyles. I have played soccer for 22 years, and through this sport I played five years at VIU, I have been to many places in the world, met some amazing people and learned many lessons about being a positive leader, and team player on and off the field.
I love working with children, and recently I have been working on different activities to serve my Aboriginal communities. I hope one day I can make a healthy and positive difference in these communities and our Youth can have great opportunities for brighter futures.

Dasha Smirnow: Hello! My name is Dasha and I love chocolate and the Great Canadian Outdoors, or any other outdoors for that matter – I love being outside, so, naturally, I love hiking, and camping, and biking, and anything else that involves fresh air. It's only when I became an accountant that I realized that I don't like office desk jobs, and that I don't like working for bureaucratic organizations for the sake of rational financial self-­interest. I have a Master of Professional Accounting degree, but what I really want to do is to work with non‐profits and to do what I can to make the world a better place. Through this internship I've connected to a wonderful social enterprise, and I hope it will serve as a gateway to a world of cooperative (as opposed to competing) and quality-­of-life-driven (as opposed to profit-­driven) world of sustainable community development. I look forward to exploring this world with all of you!

Kallie Smith:  My name is Kallie Smith and I am originally from Williams Lake, BC, where I grew up with my mom, dad, and two younger sisters. A few years back I decided to move to Prince George, BC, to go to university and I’ve been here ever since! I recently completed a Bachelors of Science in Psychology at UNBC and have found myself happily employed at the Aboriginal Business Development Centre. Although it may not seem like my formal education is relevant to my current position, I have been highly involved in extra‐curricular activities that prepared me for a job in business and community development. For example, while I was going to university I served as both the Director of Events and the President of the student society on campus. In addition, I have been involved in many clubs and organizations that were wellness, improvement, and sustainability focused. When I am not at work I enjoy running, biking, and swimming as well as cooking and reading a good book. I should also admit that candy is my weakness -- I have a powerful sweet tooth! I am greatly looking forward to the remainder of my internship and am very excited about the opportunity to meet my fellow interns.

National CED News

Canada on the Global Stage: Social Enterprise World Forum 

CCEDNet is pleased to be a supporting partner in this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum.  Registration is now open but early-bird registration rates only run until July 25 so be sure to register soon. This world class event is not to be missed. The impressive roster of speakers include the leading thinkers and actors in the social enterprise sector from across the globe. Among the presenters are several CCEDNet members, including our own Manitoba regional coordinator Brendan Reimer.

CCEDNet members are invited to a special gathering. This session will look at CCEDNet’s strategic directions, inspired by new local economy initiatives internationally. So plan to come a bit early when you book your travel to the SEWF! For more information on this session, email Philippe at

2014 Co-operative Summit to Tackle Major Global Challenges

The co-operative community is set to tackle important global challenges like food security, access to health care, and the global job crisis at the International Summit of Co-ops next year. Last month, Summit organizers announced those three topics as the central themes that will be discussed at the event, which takes place in Quebec City, October 6-9, 2014. In addition to focusing on cooperative development and strengthening, Summit participants will discuss innovative ways cooperatives can make a difference and address these enormous global challenges.

The State of Homelessness in Canada

At least 30,000 Canadians will experience homelessness tonight. By the end of this year, an estimated 200,000 Canadians will have experienced homelessness. These and other startling facts are highlighted in the recently released report, The State of Homelessness in Canada: 2013. The document examines what is known about homelessness, the historical, social and economic context in which it has emerged, demographic features of the problem, and potential solutions.

Take Action Against Homelessness:
Following up on their efforts to support Bill C-400 and a national housing strategy, the Dignity for All campaign is sending a letter to the Premiers in advance of the Council of the Federation meeting July 24-26. The letter urges Canadian Premiers to put housing at the top of their agenda for this meeting. Click below if you or your organization supports housing as a human right, download the postcard below and send it to Premier Katherine Wynne (who is hosting the meeting on July 24-26) or send her an email by clicking here.

CED Book Club - Gather: the Art & Science of Effective Convening

The feature event of the Canadian CED Network's year is the Gathering, held every October in Winnipeg, which brings together over 600 people. Gather, a recent publication of the Rockefeller Foundation, attests to the importance of coming together to learn, improve, celebrate, and heal. The book is a manual of sorts for social planners seeking to convene the right group, and it offers some clarification on the distinction -- and thus more appropriate use of -- between conference, workshop, meetings, etc. The book is available for free download by following the link below. Enjoy!

A Little Bird Told Us: Top Tweets of the Month

Here is a brief sampling of some of our most popular tweets from the past 30 days. Click here to follow us on Twitter. Check out a short video that sums up the CCEDNet-RCDEC Twitter feed here:

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