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June 2013 Newsletter
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Canadian CED Network News

CCEDNet Annual General Meeting Held in Winnipeg

On a bright and warm day in Winnipeg, the Canadian CED Network gathered for our annual general meeting. Held at the St. Matthew's Community Center, over thirty-five people attended, along with representatives from Newfoundland, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary, Victoriaville, Montreal, and Quebec City, who were able to join virtually. CCEDNet President Caroline Lachance led the meeting, and governance expert Yvon Poirier was on hand to present new by-laws. With formal business taken care of, substantive discussions on priorities and directions for the Network will be held at the Social Enterprise World Forum in Calgary from October 2-4. Time will be set aside for our members to get together to network, learn, and discuss ways to continue to build a strong national CED movement. We look forward to the opportunity to gather with a diverse group of members from all over Canada at this landmark event. Click below to read our annual report for 2012.

CCEDNet Webinar: Preview Groundbreaking Social Enterprise Research

Social Enterprise in Ontario: Research on the Size, Scope and Socioeconomic Impact of Nonprofit Social Enterprise will preview the key findings from the 2012 Social Enterprise Survey for Ontario. As the first research of its kind in the province, this webinar will offer significant insights into the burgeoning trend of social enterprise within Ontario’s nonprofit and charitable sector. The report will not be fully released until September, but we are offering this sneak peak to share some of the most relevant results. We invite practitioners, policymakers, and enthusiasts from across civic, public, and private sectors to take part in the webinar. The session begins June 26 at 12:00pm EST.

Meet the British Columbia CreateAction Interns!
For over a month now, eight CCEDNet member organizations have been working with an intern with funding provided through the CreateAction program. The program's aim is to offer a six month internship to young post-secondary graduates who are considering a career in CED. Over the coming months, we aim to introduce you to these people with short bios that they have written themselves, and we hope that over time, they will meet some of you!

Jeremy Calhoun: I am a 22 year old graduate of Dalhousie, with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in Law. I just completed the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society Semester through UBC’s Department of Forestry. I was a counsellor and outtripper for the Rotary Kingston YMCA in Ontario for 5 years, taking outtrips to many national and provincial parks. I also worked with the after school daycare Active Kids through the Dalhousie athletics complex. Some of my volunteer work includes organizing letter writing campaign to soldiers in Afghanistan, fundraising for the Clarington’s Women’s Shelter, working in Simcoe’s Settlement House, fundraising and completing the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, organizing the first youth model parliament in Halifax through Political Youth Connect and participating in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Halifax in October, 2011.

Andrew Fortune: My interest spans community engagement through political organizing, being an active artist, and doing various kinds of research. Being involved in research at the University of Victoria and participating in an international internship program in India have supported these interests. Hailing from the Caribbean, I have been interested in sustainable and ethical investment as it relates to development activities having experienced and enjoyed the local ecologies and lifestyles. I hope this internship will be mutually beneficial in that I can share my insights and gain the same from the Community Social Planning Council and the CCEDNet program.

Lindsay Monk:  I recently completed my MA in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. My academic research is focused on First Nations’ housing, arguing that, while it is generally agreed that First Nations are facing a housing crisis in their communities, the Canadian public has largely misunderstood what the crisis of housing is, thus frustrating efforts to improve the situation. The desire to undertake this work grew out of my work experience for the federal government in Aboriginal housing in Montreal and Ottawa. Improved living conditions on reserve will have obvious benefits, including improved health, and can also empower communities to act more effectively on wider issues. It is this empowerment process that I am interested in, and I look forward to connecting with other interns working with and for communities on sustainability issues. 

British Columbia CED News 

Building Resilient Communities

The Building Resilient Neighbourhoods Project has recently released a report highlighting some of the researchers' early findings.

The report is broken down into three sections, which explore: 1) The characteristics of resilience, 2) What does a resilient community look like, and what can be learned from these examples, and 3) What are the roles of different sectors in building resilient neighbourhoods. The project, which is being undertaken by the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria, defines resilience as: “Our ability to respond and adapt to change in ways that are pro-active, build local capacity and that ensure that essential needs are met...If there ever was a need for whole communities to come together to adapt to change, it is today”.

Social Enterprises Get a Boost from the City

The City of Vancouver is providing a boost to Vancouver's thriving social enterprise sector with two grants totalling $380,000. The City will contribute $300,000 to the Social Enterprise Portfolio Program administered by the Vancity Community Foundation. The remaining $80,000 will help support the Potluck Cafe Society. The City’s investment is expected to leverage an additional $950,000 from the private and non-profit sectors, and help created 90 new jobs. “Vancouver is emerging as a leader in social innovation, with more than 60 social enterprises in our city – the most in Canada,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “The organizations we’re investing in create jobs, tackle some of our toughest social and environmental challenges and address Council’s priorities. This is a sector we want to see grow and thrive in Vancouver.”

Vancouver's HAVE Culinary Training Offers Participants Hope

Many residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside face serious barriers to employment, such as a man named Ivan Usow. Usow, who was homeless for sixteen years, is featured in a article written by Camille Jensen for Enterprising Non-Profits. He is a graduate of HAVE Culinary Training Society's eight-week culinary training course, and is now one of their many volunteers. Upon graduation, students receive a Food Safe and Prep/Line Cook certificate, in addition to support from HAVE’s job development manager. HAVE has experienced notable success since it was established seven years ago. For example, it has trained and found jobs for 535 people, with 75 per cent of these students staying in their jobs.

(source: ENP)

National CED News

Canada on the Global Stage: Social Enterprise World Forum

CCEDNet is pleased to be a supporting partner in this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum.  Registration is now open, and early-bird registration rates run until July 25. This world class event is not to be missed. The impressive roster of speakers include the leading thinkers and actors in the social enterprise sector from across the globe. Among the presenters are several CCEDNet members, including our own regional coordinator Brendan Reimer.
CCEDNet members are invited to a special gathering just prior to the Forum, on October 2, 1-4 :30pm.  This session will look at CCEDNet’s strategic directions, inspired by new local economy initiatives internationally.  So plan to come a bit early when you book your travel to the SEWF!  For more information on this session, email Philippe at 

Get Co-op Savvy with CoopZone Training

The CoopZone Developers' Network is pleased to again be offering its co-op development training courses in 2013-14, starting in September. CoopZone is offering various levels of training:  the Advanced Program (Years 1 and 2), the Foundation Program and the Basic Introduction to Co-op Development course. Each program is designed to accommodate people with different levels of experience and knowledge of co-operatives - from introductions to basic terms, to people seeking to provide full development services to co-ops. There will be free information webinar about the courses held on June 19th, 12 noon Eastern Time for 60-90 minutes. RSVP to Hazel Corcoran for more information about this webinar.

CED Book Club - Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads

Supply Shock leaves no doubt that the biggest idea of the twentieth century—economic growth—has become the biggest problem of the twenty-first. Required reading for anyone concerned about the world our children and grandchildren will inherit, this landmark work lays a solid foundation for a new economic model, perhaps in time for preventing global catastrophes; certainly in time for lessening the damages. The book is the culmination of 13 years’ work by Brian Czech, the founding president of the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy.

British and Canadian Leaders in Social Enterprise Meet in Toronto

The British Council recently hosted a day of seminars on social-enterprise, bringing together some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the field. The UK is often seen as being at the forefront of thinking on social enterprise. Enterprising Non-Profit's David LePage spoke at the event, emphasizing the strength of Social_Changes social enterprise is its social engagement, how it uses "business to create shared social value." The aim of the event was exploring ways in which the British Council could support Canadian initiatives by drawing on its global network of ideas, resources, and connections. The fundamental belief that drove the event was that social enterprises are growing, slowly beginning to offer solutions within, and alternatives to the faltering free-market capitalist system.

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