CCEDNet Manitoba Policy Resolution 2011

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Local & Sustainable Food Procurement

The Province of Manitoba purchases significant amounts of food for its institutions and food services, yet does so without an articulated strategy for how to ensure that this is done in a way that strengthens the local economy and supports local producers, or reduces the carbon footprint of the food system.

Whereas: Food is connected to not only health, but the environment, the economy and community.

Whereas: The viability of local agriculture and rural communities is put at risk by the current food system.

Whereas: The Province of Manitoba has committed to sustainable procurement in the Sustainable Development Act, committed to healthy communities through the creation of the Department of Healthy Living, and to the well being of rural communities and our local agricultural producers through the creation of the Department of Manitoba Agriculture, Food, and Rural Initiatives.
Whereas: Re-localizing our food economy will create economic opportunities for local families and reduce the carbon footprint of our food system, and enhancing the quality of food will improve our health.

Be It Resolved That:
CCEDNet Manitoba urge the Province of Manitoba to create a Local & Sustainable Food Procurement policy and strategy with targets and timelines for incremental implementation.

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