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Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations

Currently in Manitoba there are twelve neighbourhood renewal corporations (NRCs) doing neighbourhood revitalization work in urban and rural communities. NRCs coordinate and plan Community Development (CD) and Community Economic Development (CED) in communities with high incidences of poverty. NRCs coordinate local affordable housing development, community safety, food security, green space development, recreation, healthy living, formal and community-based education on CD and CED, coordination and planning, plus more. The priorities of NRCs are set by the communities they serve.

NRCs are funded by NA! through the Neighbourhood Development Assistance (NDA) fund (Thompson, Brandon, Flin Flon, The Pas, Selkirk, Dauphin, Portage la Prairie; in Winnipeg the following areas are funded: Central, Daniel McIntyre/ St. Matthews, North End, Spence and West Broadway). In May 2010, Elmwood was added as another neighbourhood receiving funding for Neighbourhood Renewal Funding (NRF) only.

The work of the NRCs advances CED principles and works to reduce poverty by building community capacity and empowering communities to revitalize these priority neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

NRCs receive core funding from the Neighbourhood Development Assistance (NDA) program from Neighbourhoods Alive!, the Province of Manitoba in the Ministry of Housing and Community Development. This funding should be adequate to meet the needs of existing NRCs and any new funding allocated should be consistent with existing NRCs.

The recently completed evaluation of the NA! program found that NDA funding contributed “greatly” to improved coordination of neighbourhood revitalization efforts. However the evaluation found that the original neighbourhoods included in the NA! program continue to experience issues related to safety, economic hardship and lack of affordable housing and that neighbourhood revitalization work is still needed.

The level of NDA funding to NRCs has not increased since NA! was founded in 2000 although the costs of operating have increased due to inflation and the growth of CD and CED activities in these communities.

Be it resolved that:
CCEDNET Manitoba will advance the need for an increase to NDA core funding for NRCs at a level that is mutually agreed upon by the NRCs.

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