CCEDNet Manitoba Policy Resolution 2011

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 Social Enterprise Capacity Building

Whereas: Social enterprises in Manitoba use a business model to build fairer and stronger local economies, create jobs and important community services, reduce poverty and renew communities, and create more sustainable environments. However, most social entrepreneurs lack the required skills to succeed.

Whereas: Ensuring that social entrepreneurs have the required skills will strengthen the capacity of social enterprises as well as ensure their intended social, economic, and environmental outcomes.

Whereas: Aside from recent initiatives in support of co-op development, the Province of Manitoba currently does not provide adequate resources required to capture opportunities for the creation, growth, and strengthening of social enterprises in Manitoba.

Whereas: The Province of Manitoba has adopted the Community Economic Development Policy Framework and Lens, signed on as a Purchaser with the Social Purchasing Portal, and created a Social Enterprise Working Group in recognition of the need to further develop supports for social enterprise development.

Whereas: Strengthening the capacity of social enterprises will result in greater return on investment to government and society, and will result in fairer and stronger local economies, more jobs for people with barriers to employment, important communities services, reduced poverty, renewed communities, and more sustainable environments.

Be It Resolved That:
CCEDNet Manitoba urge the Province of Manitoba to work with the social enterprise community to develop and implement a strategy for investing in skill development and capacity building in social enterprises.

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