CCEDNet Manitoba Policy Resolution 2011

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Winnipeg Food Policy Council

There are significant opportunities in Winnipeg to enhance food security, green our communities, engage neighbours in urban agriculture, and create economic opportunities in our communities.

Whereas: Food is connected to not only health, but the environment, the economy and community.

Whereas: The viability of local agriculture and the health of our communities is put at risk by the current food system; there is a need to achieve a just and sustainable food system in Winnipeg.
Whereas: While several Canadian municipalities have successfully established Food Policy Councils, the City of Winnipeg has no strategy or hub to coordinate municipal work on food security, foster cooperation between municipal departments on food issues, encourage citizen involvement in the food system, and provide key knowledge and expertise to improve food security in Winnipeg.

Whereas: The City of Winnipeg has committed to working through community partnerships in order to respond to food needs as identified by communities in Direction 8 of the Our Winnipeg Plan.

Whereas: A comprehensive municipal food strategy will strengthen food security in Winnipeg, create opportunities for the neighbourhood building that results from community gardening, and will re-localize our food economy by creating economic opportunities for urban agriculture and our local communities and producers.

Be It Resolved That:
CCEDNet Manitoba urge the City of Winnipeg to create a Food Policy Council, a mechanism through which the City of Winnipeg will work through community partnerships to respond to food needs as identified by communities.

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