CCEDNet Manitoba Policy Resolution 2012

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 2012-1 Multi-stakeholder co-operative legislation

Whereas: There are more than 410 co-operatives, credit unions, and caisses populaires in Manitoba, comprising of over 800,000 memberships and almost $18 billion in assets.

Whereas: Collective ownership and co-operative development would be strengthened and access to capital would be enhanced if co-operatives could consist of members from various interested stakeholders.

Whereas: The Province of Manitoba has committed to co-operative development through the Co-operative Visioning Strategy

Whereas: Co-operatives create economic democracy, root ownership locally, distribute profits equitably, and often create jobs and services in communities where they are otherwise lacking

Whereas: The Manitoba Co-operatives Act has recently been changed to allow multi-stakeholder co-operatives

Be It Resolved That:
CCEDNet Manitoba urge the Province of Manitoba to support the use of the multi-stakeholder co-operative structure through education and provision of technical assistance where appropriate.

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