CCEDNet-Manitoba Regional Committee

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Purpose of the Committee:

The CCEDNet Manitoba Regional Committee is a member-led governance structure providing leadership, strategic direction and oversight, as well as accountability for network activities in Manitoba.

Meet the Committee Members:

As outlined in the Regional Committee's Terms of Reference, Committee members represent the diversity of CED contexts in Manitoba. Particular emphasis will be placed on ensuring Aboriginal, newcomer, northern and rural perspectives.

2017-18 Members

  1. Roger Guy, Community Futures Westman (Rural representative)
  2. Dawn SandsNorth End Community Renewal Corporation
  3. Modou Sallindividual member
  4. Beth McKechnie, Green Action Centre
  5. Carinna Rosales, SEED Winnipeg
  6. Carlos Vialard, IRCOM (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba) (Newcomer representative)
  7. Damon Johnston, Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg (Aboriginal representative)
  10. VACANCY (Northern Representative)

Kaye GrantReconnaissance Consulting Management Group (All local CCEDNet board members are invited to join the Regional Committe during their term.)

[Download the Regional Committee Terms of Reference (pdf)]