Fall 2013 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshops

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Spark - A Service of the Canadian CED Network invites you to attend the Fall 2013 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshops.


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1. Participatory Management Skills
2. Build and Grow Your Social Enterprise by enp-mb
3. Evaluation Planning
4. Marketing Basics for Non-Profits
5. Self-Care for Service Providers


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Workshop Descriptions:

Participatory Management Skills

November 5 | 1 to 4pm
United Way Learning Centre (580 Main St.)

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For this workshop, participatory management is defined as “using management systems and leadership styles that attempt to increase employee influence in the management process, especially decision-making”.

This workshop will look at the positive values of increasing employee participation in decision making and the barriers to reaping those benefits.  The workshop will look at components of organizational structure, policies, and workplace culture which either impede or support participation.  The last area to be explored will be focused on communication, problem solving and decision making styles which support inclusion and the skills needed by managers and all employees for participative management systems to be effective and efficient.  

The workshop will use the presentation of research and personal experience to support discussion and sharing of knowledge.  Tools for decision making and examples of training exercises to develop skills or open discussion with employees will also be shared.

About the Facilitator:
Cindy Coker joined SEED Winnipeg in 2002 with extensive experience working in the economic development field in the United States, primarily using a worker cooperative model for enterprise development. Cindy worked as a consultant to worker cooperatives, providing advice and training in the areas of management design and training, financial systems, and strategic planning. She was a founding member of a worker cooperative network in the field of childcare and served as its initial president, and she also founded and served as the executive director of a non-profit set up by the network to oversee development, training and organizing projects. Cindy currently serves as a member of the Manitoba Cooperative Association, as the Chair of the Manitoba Cooperative Promotions Board, and is also the founding Co-chair of the Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council.

Build & Grow Your Social Enterprise by enp-MB

November 14 | 9am to 3:30pm
West End Commons, 641 St. Matthews Ave.

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If your nonprofit is interested in exploring the social enterprise model, this is the workshop for you. This highly effective, informative and interactive session provides an overview of the ‘what and how’ of social enterprise. Find out information about the steps of development for social enterprise and hear lots of examples of successful Canadian social enterprises. All participants will receive a copy of enp’s comprehensive Canadian Guide to Social Enterprise, and become eligible for an enp-mb Social Enterprise Development Grant.

About the Facilitators:
Brendan Reimer is the Regional Coordinator for the Prairies and Northern Territories at the Canadian Community Economic Development Network, a Board Member at the Assiniboine Credit Union, as well as a member of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada. Working out of the new Social Enterprise Centre at 765 Main Street, Brendan is a teacher and an organizer, and works hard to change policy in support of building fairer and stronger local economies, reducing poverty and homelessness, and creating more sustainable communities. He has taught the "Management of Non-Profits" course at the University of Winnipeg's School of Business and Administration, and facilitates many workshops every year on the topics of CED, social enterprise, building financial sustainability in non-profits, and understanding and advancing policy.

Carinna Rosales has over 10 years of experience in the non-profit and Community Economic Development (CED) sector. The foundation of her experience stems from family businesses, primarily in the hospitality industry. She also has international business experience, particularly in communications, market research and the development of export-market feasibility studies. Carinna holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Manitoba, an Advanced Diploma in International Business from Red River College and a Certificate in Mediation Services specializing in Organizational Leadership. Carinna’s expertise includes small business development, program development, planning and implementation, program administration, facilitation of training and workshops, and assistance to individuals and groups toward achieving their business goals. For the past five years Carinna has been focused on the development of local social enterprise endeavours in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Evaluation Planning

December 6 | 9am to 4pm
United Way Learning Centre (580 Main St.)

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This interactive workshop will teach participants how to plan for program evaluation within their organizations.  Participants will learn about the different reasons for evaluating and the steps involved in planning a program evaluation. By the end of the workshops participants will have started to create their own program evaluation plans. We will also discuss all aspect of conducting an evaluation and provide resources to ensure that participants have tools to use when they start implementing what they learned.

About the Facilitators:
Anna Weier brings her passion for sustainability and knowledge of food security issues to her position as Planning and Evaluation Facilitator at Health in Common. She believes that evaluation is an important tool in providing information to community organizations to help them make their programming the best it can be. Anna has worked with communities in urban, rural and northern Manitoba on a wide range of initiatives, including active transportation, local and sustainable food, and green building. Anna has a Master’s of Environment from the University of Manitoba and undergraduate degrees in science and psychology.

Bohdanna Kinasevych: Having worked with community organizations to support and enhance capacity to integrate evaluation into program planning and design, Bohdanna has conducted several evaluations in health promotion and service delivery employing both qualitative and quantitative methods.  She has a particular interest in applying community-based research principles and supporting the integration of evaluation findings into practices.  Bohdanna has a Master’s degree in Community Health Sciences from the University of Manitoba and is a credentialed evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society. She currently works as an Planning and Evaluation Facilitator for Health in Common providing hands on support in the planning and implementation of program evaluation at the community level.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Marketing Basics for Non-Profits

December 10 | 9am to 12pm
West End Commons, 641 St. Matthews Ave.

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"We have a great program. I don't know why nobody is coming..." Are you struggling to know what the best way is to tell people about all the great things your organization is doing, on a budget? Are you wondering whether social media marketing is right for you? Do you have a vision and mission statement, but don't know the best way to communicate them to the public?

Come and spend a fun, interactive morning learning the abc's (or 7 Ps) of marketing and how they can help you spread the word about your organization.

About the Facilitator:
Catherine Pate is an independent marketing manager and editor living in Winnipeg, MB. She has also been a proud Spark volunteer. Visit her online at stageleftcommunications.ca or follow her on Twitter @StageLeftWpg.

Self-Care for Service Providers

December 16 | 9am to 4pm
United Way Learning Centre (580 Main St.)

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Supporting others at work can have a direct impact on our well-being, our lives and the lives of our loved ones. This workshop mixes content with reflection activities and experiential self care activities to explore and develop our own self care strategies. The presentation will include a discussion of stress, vicarious trauma, and burn-out as well as warning signs and strategies for mediating or preventing these issues. Mindfulness and self-compassion practices will be included.  A number of modalities will be used to present content including lecture, video, and group discussion.

About the Facilitator:
Lyndsay Hersikorn is a trainer and counsellor at Klinic Community Health Centre. She provides public education, training, and professional development in a number of clinical areas. She is a certified crisis counsellor through the American Association of Suicidology. As a counsellor at Klinic she has experience working with individuals in crisis, and individuals with histories of trauma. Klinic is a member of the Manitoba Association of Community Health providing a full range of health related services from medical care to counselling to education. Klinic promotes health and quality of life for all aiming to help people make choices about their own health.


The Fall 2013 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshops are presented by Spark - A Service of the Canadian CED Network. These learning events are made possible by the generous support of United Way Winnipeg: