Geoff Borden - Winnipeg Council Candidate for St. Charles

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Staff and members of the Canadian CED Network – Manitoba (CCEDNet-MB) called on 2014 municipal election candidates to share their position on policies that support our collective vision of fairer and stronger local economies, reduced poverty, and more sustainable communities. This is Geoff Borden's response:

1. Are you in favour of this policy practice? If yes, how will you work to implement a procurement strategy that takes into account the added economic, social and environmental value of purchasing from social enterprises and other businesses that generate community benefit through the inclusion of Community Benefit Clauses in contracts and purchases?

It seems to me that you like to over complicate things. Look at the wording of your question, why not just ask if I want to help those that are living below the poverty line. Helping the homeless and lower income families are amoung my top priorities. I want to be able to setup or assist with programs that help people help themselves. Why you feel the need to over complicate the question is beyond me.

2. Are you in favour of Right to Housing’s proposal that the City of Winnipeg support at least 350 new units of affordable rental housing and 350 new units of social housing over three years? If yes, what City supports will you provide so this target can be achieved?

Why set a target. Let’s just work on getting people into housing.

3. Are you in favour of a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy for Winnipeg with targets and timelines? If yes, how will you partner with community-based organizations and other key stakeholders to create and implement one?

Again. Look at your question. Keep it simple. “comprehensive poverty reduction strategy”? You only need to say that you want to lower the number of those living in poverty. The easier you make it to understand, the more support you will gain. Yes, I also want to lower the number of people living in poverty. Unfortunately, most of the resources to combat poverty have been stripped away over the years by our federal government. If you are suggesting that Winnipeg fill that void, then I would agree. The only problem of course is money and where it will come from.

You also ask, I believe. If we are willing to work with other groups with in Winnipeg to help combat poverty. My answer, is yes, of course.

I would like to say though, talking about do something and forming a plan is nothing compared to actually getting out there and helping those in need. So my gratitude and respect is given to those that do so.