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As a member-led association of community economic development organizations, practitioners, and people supportive of local action to improve social and economic conditions in communities, we encourage active participation at all levels. 

An important benefit of membership in the Canadian CED Network is the opportunity to work with other organizations and practitioners to help build a national community economic development movement. We do this through seven committees in which members can participate:

  • The Membership Committee recruits new members and provides advice on marketing, member benefits and services to support the members’ capacity to advance CED in Canada.
  • The Practitioner and Sector Strengthening Committee shares information on programs and events to advance best practices and increase CED capacity in Canada.
  • The Policy Council develops and advances policies that support and expand the work of CED across the country. 
  • Emerging Leaders is a committee of young people committed to increasing the number and quality of young practitioners entering into the CED field & ensuring an active and meaningful youth voice in the Canadian CED Network.   
  • The Immigrant and Refugee Community Action Network (ICAN) is a national network of newcomer CED practitioners and their allies that creates opportunities for new immigrants and refugees to participate in the leadership of the CED and co-op movements in Canada.
  • The Canadian CED Network's International Committee aims to scale up the international linkages and partnerships of our members in order to foster the emergence of a globalized civil society solidarity movement as an alternative to the current neoliberal world economic order.
  • The Research Advisory Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Canadian CED Network with an overall purpose to strengthen the Network's role in research and evaluation.

If you are interested in being part of one of these committees, please let us know.

CED is about strengthening communities. Here are some examples of current or recently completed projects that support our members’ work and advance CED priorities nationally:

One of our biggest undertakings is the annual national conference and general meeting.  Held in a different region of the country each year, it brings together hundreds of members and supportive individuals for dynamic workshops, engaging plenaries and numerous opportunities for networking, learning, and fun.

To find out how to join CCEDNet as a member, see this page.