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The Canadian CED Network's International Committee aims to scale up the international linkages and partnerships of our members in order to foster the emergence of a globalized civil society solidarity movement as an alternative to the current neoliberal world economic order.



International Committee Initiatives

For more information on the webinars or other work of the International Committee of the Canadian CED Network please see our "Initiatives" page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to gain experience and develop professional experience overseas? CCEDNet's partner organizations offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities.  See our Partners page for more information. 

International Committee

  • Yvon Poirier  (Committee Chair)
    Québec, QC
  • Art Lew
    Haida Gwaii Community Futures
    Masset, BC
  • Ethel Cote (Coordinating Committee)
    Canadian Centre for Community Renewal
    Plantagenet, ON
  • Monica Adeler
    Winnipeg, MB
  • Gretchen Hernandez
    Centre for Sustainable Community Development, SFU
    Vancouver, BC
  • Ray Silvius
    University of Winnipeg
    Winnipeg, MB