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September 2013 Newsletter

Canadian CED Network News

Registration For The 2013 Manitoba CD/CED Gathering Now Open

Over the past decade, the Gathering has grown in attendance and developed its content to now stand as the premier event on the Manitoba CED calender. We are proud to offer this annual celebration of the work we see every day in Manitoba's communities. While the CED community in Manitoba is thriving, there remains stories to be told, people to meet, and challenges to overcome. The Gathering is the nexus of these efforts. Click below to register or here to learn more. We look forward to seeing you there!

CCEDNet Blog a Hub For CED Thinking

If you haven't already checked out the blog over at our website, you are missing out. Cruise over to it and make it a regular stop in your online adventures, you'll be glad you did. Here are two recent contributions:
Paul Chamberlain: How Much Do You Know About Social Enterprise in Ontario?
Brendan Reimer: Are We As Co-operative As We Think We Are?

New Resource from CCEDNet: Public Policy Advocacy

Creating a supportive policy environment is an essential, and often daunting task for many non-profit organizations. The Canadian CED Network has created a new resources to help simplify the policy advocacy process. Public Policy Advocacy: Best Practices is a best practice guide that takes readers through three critical steps to effective policy advocacy: 1) Research, 2) Prepare, and 3) Act. Also included are four principles, which encourage readers to be patient, cultivate partnerships, and be ready embrace opportunities.

CCEDNet Welcomes New Staff

CCEDNet is pleased to announce that Darcy Penner has joined the staff team! He will work with members toward the CCEDNet - Manitoba Policy Forum in November, and then on advancing the policy priorities of the Network's members. Darcy graduated with an Honours Degree in Politics from the University of Winnipeg, and recently completed an internship with CCEDNet member Food Matters Manitoba. Amid a variety of other volunteer experiences, Darcy also recently completed a pro-bono match through our Spark service with another of our member organizations. Darcy will take over as researcher and policy advisor for Kirsten Bernas during the next six months while Kirsten is on secondment with the Province of Manitoba to work on its All Aboard Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Members: Save November 19th
Save the date! Our member-only annual Policy Summit will be taking place on November 19, 2013, from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.  We would like you to participate, and encourage you to bring staff to experience the day.

October 22nd is the deadline to submit new draft policy resolutions and/or draft motions to amend or repeal existing policy resolutions.  The RSVP deadline is November 12th.

Note that all 2011 resolutions are set to expire this year.  If members wish for these resolutions to remain a part of CCEDNet’s advocacy, a new draft resolution must be submitted.  All 2012 and 2013 policy resolutions will carry forward unless a member submits a motion to amend or repeal them.
If you have any questions or require assistance in drafting your resolution, please contact

Manitoba CED News

September 19 Launch: "Inner City Renovations: How a Social Enterprise Changes Lives and Communities"
CCEDNet member Marty Donkervoort is launching his new book on September 19th at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg. As the founder and long-serving Executive Director of Inner City Renovations, the social enterprise on which his book is focused, his understanding of the model and the impact of its work makes him a leading thinker in CED community. Marty is currently teaching at the University of Winnipeg, and is getting set to lead a session at the Social Enterprise World Forum called Marketing Your Social Enterprise - the Fundamentals and the New Essentials. The book launch event begins at 7 pm.

Province Gets on Board with Poverty Reduction
Earlier this month the Provincial government released the results of its consultations for the ALL Aboard: Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy. Together with community members, the Province identified housing as a top investment priority, followed by improving food security, and access to employment. The report also recommends that Employment and Income Assistance rates must be raised to reflect the actual cost of living in Manitoba. For more highlights and insightful commentary on the report, visit the CCPA's blog Policy Fix.

Meet the Manitoba CreateAction Interns!

Since last April, ten CCEDNet-Manitoba member organizations have been working with an intern with funding provided through the CreateAction program. The program's aim is to offer a six month internship to young post-secondary graduates who are considering a career in CED. Over the last several months, we have been introducing you to these people with short bios that they have written themselves, and now we have reached the end. Good luck to all the interns in their future work and thank you for your contributions to Manitoba's CED community!

Chloe McCorrister:I am from the Peguis First Nation & the mother of two beautiful girls who inspire, motivate, & remind me that I can make a difference in this world. While currently taking time off school to gain work experience, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts & a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Winnipeg. I also hold a certificate from Red River College. Discovering how colonization has affected what is now Canada is a deep passion of mine, & I truly feel that Community Economic Development is absolutely necessary when overcoming marginalization, not just of Aboriginal peoples, but of all who are underprivileged. That said, most of my work experience consists of working with Aboriginal organizations as I strive to understand what work needs to be done and the difference I can make in my own city.

Chris Thomas: Have you ever wondered who the loquacious dork is behind these newsletter and bulletins for the past several months? Probably not. But if you were... it's me! I am the CreateAction intern at CCEDNet-Manitoba. Previously, I have worked with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, Parks Canada at the Forks National Historic Site, & as a research assistant for two professors at the University of Manitoba. I have a BA from the U of M & recently arrived at the University of Toronto to work on an MA in history. For now, my focus is on alternative health models, the development of Canadian medicare, & HIV/AIDS. It's been a pleasure getting to know lots of you!

National CED News
Canada on the Global Stage: Social Enterprise World Forum 

CCEDNet is pleased to be a supporting partner in the upcoming Social Enterprise World Forum in Calgary.  Registration is now open. This world class event is not to be missed. The impressive roster of speakers include the leading thinkers and actors in the social enterprise sector from across the globe. Among the presenters are several CCEDNet members and staff.
Just prior to the SEWF opening session, join CCEDNet members and friends for a networking reception offering new contacts and new ideas from North American leaders working towards inclusive community economies.  Bob Massie, President and CEO of the New Economics Institute will share insights into the growing New Economy movement in the US, and Canadian leaders will respond with their perspectives on promising strategies for transformative economic change.  Register now >>

2013 National Co-operative Week: October 13 - 19

From October 13-19, co-operators across the country will be celebrating the many ways in which co-operatives build stronger communities, both here in Canada and around the world. The theme of this year's celebration is A Better Way, which highlights the fact that co-ops provide a better and fairer way to do business during times of economic uncertainty and inequality.

In the true spirit of cooperation and sharing, the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) has posted downloadable resources on its website to help you spread the word, including the Co-op Week poster, website ads and email signatures.

In Winnipeg, two deserving recipients will be recognized at the Manitoba Co-op Association's Awards Banquet during Co-op Week. The recipients are: 1) Urban Eatin' Gardeners Worker Co-op, which will be receiving the Cooperative Achievement Award. 2) Peter Vandermeulen of Portage Co-op, who will be receiving a Cooperative Merit Award.

[ CED Tool ] Building a Strategic Learning and Evaluation System

The current state of evaluation in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors points to the need for a more strategic approach to evaluation. In this guide, FSG, nonprofit consulting firm specializing in strategy, evaluation, and research, provides a framework and set of practices that can help organizations be more systematic, coordinated, and intentional about what to evaluate, when, why, with whom, and with what resources.

[ CED Book Club ] Cooperation, Community, and Co-ops in A Global Era

In this new publication, Dr. Carl Ratner discusses issues that are necessary to describe the nature of cooperation and how it can be promoted as a social and ethical ideal amidst a sea of competing interests. Dr. Ratner uses the framework of cooperativism, that is the system of social institutions, social philosophy, cultural psychology and politics that promotes cooperation, as a starting point. Elements of cooperativism are derived from a rigorous analysis of various sources, including the needs of tendencies of human culture and human psychology.

A Little Bird Told Us: Top Tweets of the Month

Here is a brief sampling of some of our most popular tweets from the past 30 days. Click here to follow us on Twitter.

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Government Funding for Business Start Ups

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Co-op Week 2013: A Better Way
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International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
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Strangers in New Homelands Conference 2013

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