Manitoba Newsletter: July 2012

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July 2012 Newsletter
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Canadian CED Network News

CCEDNet - Manitoba policy resolution updates

It's that time of year for another CCEDNet-Manitoba progress report on the policy resolutions our Network endorsed at the Policy Summit in November 2011. While we can be proud of what we have achieved to date, there is still much more to be done and we look forward to working with members as we make further progress. We have made great strides by working with our members on policies such as Poverty Reduction, Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations, Ethical Procurement, Housing & Green Jobs, and the CED Tax Credit.

It's also time to start thinking about policy resolutions you and/or your organization might like to bring forward at the upcoming 2012 Policy Summit, which will take place this fall. Please contact our office if you or your office would like to become involved in submitting or helping to advance our policy resolutions.
>> Download our 2012 Progress Report

CCEDNet talks policy with Minister Bjornson

CCEDNet-MB met with the Honourable Peter Bjornson, Minister of Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade on the morning of June 11, 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss our shared concerns regarding negotiations currently underway toward a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union. CCEDNet-MB reiterated its concern that the CETA will prevent the Province of Manitoba from adopting progressive procurement policies.
The Minister assured us that the Province of Manitoba was working to ensure the proposed CETA preserves the government’s ability to make strategic use of purchasing policies in areas where the obligations of the CETA do not apply. He also committed to looking into issuing a press release regarding the Province of Manitoba’s involvement in the CETA negotiations which could help increase transparency regarding how Manitobans interests are being defended at the negotiating table.
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Make poverty history by supporting rental allowance increase 

Make Poverty History Manitoba (MPHM) is asking for Manitoban’s support to urge the Province of Manitoba to increase the rental allowance for people relying on Employment and Income Assistance (EIA). EIA recipients are provided with a rental allowance that has increased marginally since 1992 when compared to market rents which have gone up by approximately 60-70% during the same period.
CCEDNet-Manitoba staff and members are helping MPHM to solicit endorsements and mobilize Manitobans around this important cause. Please read the proposal (linked below) and email Kirsten Bernas at to add you or your organization’s name to the list of endorsers. 
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CCEDNet speaks up on housing policy

The City of Winnipeg recently underwent a public consultation with community stakeholders regarding their needs, interests and priorities to help inform an update of the Winnipeg Housing Policy. The existing policy was adopted in 1999 and requires updating to better reflect Winnipeg's current housing market and challenges. CCEDNet submitted recommendations to the City of Winnipeg, based on our member adopted policy resolutions related to housing. CCEDNet's recommendations encourage the City to 1) develop mechanisms that will increase the construction of affordable rental housing, 2) improve regulations of the conversion of rental stock into condominiums, and 3) ensure that the creation, maintenance and renovation of affordable housing is done alongside targeted employment strategies for people with barriers to employment.
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Manitoba CED News

Shining a LITE on great Winnipeg initiatives 

Beyond the stylish design and great photos in LITE's recent Annual Newsletter, are three excellent profiles on community initiatives that are helping to build stronger local economies in Winnipeg. In the first article, Matt Austman describes how Siloam Mission has expanded their operations beyond providing food and shelter to developing skills training and employment opportunities. Next, Allan Beach explains how Street SSCOPE is helping individuals with mental health issues build capacity while revitalizing the North End. Finally, an update is provided on the Social Purchasing Portal, which has created a "shopping matchmaking service for the purpose of fostering the local economy." 
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Co-op composting program coming to rural Manitoba 

A joint initiative between two municipalities, a co-operative and CDEM is bringing organic waste collection service to rural Manitobans. This innovative service, which will be offered in St. Pierre-Jolys and the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry, promises to reduce the amount of waste transported to landfill sites, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Village of St. Pierre-Jolys' solid waste collection vehicle will be collecting organic matter and will be disposing of the waste at the provincially certified composting site, located at the De Salaberry regional landfill.  Compo-Stages Manitoba Services Co-op will then transform the organic waste into a high quality compost using its state-of-the-art windrow turner.
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Save the Date for Co-op Day at the Forks  

To celebrate the 2012 International Year of Cooperatives, all Manitoba cooperatives are invited to participate in the first ever Journée Co-op / Co-op Day at The Forks on September 16, 2012. This event will be an opportunity to celebrate the many and important contributions that Manitoba cooperatives are making in our communities.

And what would a co-op event be without a bit of sharing? Participating co-ops will also provide free activities and display their products at info kiosks throughout the day.
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Good Food Spreading Through Winnipeg

When deciding what to buy and where to buy it, many Winnipeg communities are left with few options. Fortunately, community leaders are working on solutions; namely the development of Good Food Box programs. These innovative programs drastically improve access to affordable and healthy food options, while educating inner-city Winnipeggers about food security. To help scale up this program, which is already established in West Broadway, the Winnipeg FoodShare Co-op has joined forces with several community stakeholders, who plan to deliver 50-100 food boxes to more than 20 drop-off locations throughout the city. 
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National CED News

New Organization to Unite Co-operators from Coast to Coast  

The bonds between co-operatives in Canada will soon be strengthened by the creation of a pan-Canadian, bilingual association that will represent co-operatives, credit unions and mutuals. Members of the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) voted overwhelmingly in favour of establishing a new organization in partnership with the Conseil canadien de la cooperation et de la mutualite (CCCM).

Described by leaders of both organizations as "historic", the decision paves the way for the appointment of a transition committee to work out the details of the creation of the new association. 
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(Source: CCA News Brief)

New Book Explores A Co-operative Dilemma

A new book by Jorge Sousa and Roger Herman is available from the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives. Entitled A Co-operative Dilemma: Converting Organizational Form, the book is based on the experience of both academics and practitioners, and focusses on an issue of paramount importance to co-ops, nonprofits and other social economy organizations, development specialists, and policy makers. Twelve case studies from Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the United States explore the factors that lead businesses to consider converting their organizational form and the processes involved in the decision to mutualize, demutualize, or remutualize. The book is available for purchase form the Centre for $20 plus gst, shipping and handling. To order a copy, please contact
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(Source: Saskatchewan Co-operative Association)

Social Enterprise World Forum 2012 

Before the World Cup and Olympics take place in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian city will also be hosting the Social Enterprise World Forum. The Forum is touted as the premiere global event focused exclusively on social enterprise and on building global awareness of the effectiveness of the social economy in solving critical social, economic and cultural problems. Sessions will provide opportunities for participants to learn from and interact with social enterprise pioneers, investors and innovators from around the world.
Registration is now open for the Forum, which takes place October 16-18, 2012.
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CCCR Highlights Collaborative Solutions to Housing

In the absence of a national affordable housing strategy, the public, private, and social economy sectors should take collaborative action. The Canadian Centre for Community Renewal has drawn our attention to three housing developments located in the Fraser Valley that each demonstrate the productive power of partnerships. For example, Harmony Housing allows homeowners to bolster their incomes by renting out bachelor suites to seniors or individuals living with disabilities. Meanwhile, the Christine Lamb Residence offers round the clock support to women and children transitioning from emergency housing.
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