Policy Priorities for Community Economies

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Across Canada, people are taking action to create more equitable, inclusive and sustainable community economies. 

Governments can help. 

CCEDNet's Policy Priorities recommend three areas for action:

  • Build on recent progress in Social Innovation and Social Finance by producing a full strategy that implements all 12 recommendations of the Co-Creation Steering Group, and ensure equity-seeking groups play a leading role in the next stages of the strategy. 
  • Invest in fair economies by creating community benefit requirements for federal contracts, co-creating a strong national strategy for community employment benefits, and taking steps to grow community investment funds across Canada.
  • Redirect Workforce Development programs to scale up integrated training approaches and ensure that vulnerable groups receive a greater portion of labour market transfer agreement funding. 

These policy changes can create a supportive environment for community economies to thrive.  Encourage your municipal, provincial and federal representatives to take action now. 

Take Action

  • Promote Action for Community Economies on social media
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  • During election periods, send a letter to candidates. Identify the candidates in your electoral district, adapt this sample letter and host a candidate forum on your community's economy

Ideas or questions?  Contact us at  engagement at ccednet-rcdec.ca