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The mission of the Practitioner & Sector Strengthening Committee is to nurture and support CED practitioners in Canada and to build the core assets they need to be effective.

The committee's goal is to support the vitality and the sustainability of the CED Sector, to advance the CED policy agenda and to influence social change in the Canadian society.

Our Focus

The Practitioner and Sector Strengthening Committee has determined that CED practitioners require five distinct types of assets in order to be effective:

  1. Skills & Knowledge - an understanding of key CED related concepts, as well as abilities to put those concepts into practice(e.g. community strategic plans);
  2. Tools & Resources - hands-on, practical materials that assist practitioners to carry out their day-to-day work (e.g. feasibility study checklists, guides to strategic planning, case studies of successful initiatives);
  3. Networks - relationships with other CED practitioners that provide mutual support, an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, and to challenge each other;
  4. Career Information - information on the various career paths in the field of CED and the related job roles and opportunities;
  5. Economic Benefits - a working environment that provides some measure of job stability, adequate wages and appropriate benefits.

As a means by which to start addressing the five asset areas of CED practitioners, the Practitioner and Sector Strengthening Committee has developed and provides the following workshops:

The Art of Advocacy

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a framework to guide their CED organization's advocacy efforts.

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As more people enter the field of CED, mentorship plays an ever stronger role in ensuring that the new wave of practitioners have access to the skills and assets they need to be effective.

Click here to view our mentorship workshop.

CED 101

This workshop has been adapted many times since its first delivery.  The following version is from the committee's presentation at the 2009 National CED Conference in Winnipeg.

Click here to view our CED 101 presentation.

Evaluating Your CED Organization

This workshop was last delivered in 2006 at the National CED Conference in Sault Ste. Marie. 

Click here to view our CED Evaluation 101 presentation.

Presenter's Toolkit

The PSS Committee has also developed a toolkit for presenters which has been used consistently at CCEDNet events over the years and which works well as a general guide to presenters at any event.  This was recently updated for the 2009 National CED Conference in Winnipeg.

Click here to view the Presenter's Toolkit.

Academic Programs and Research Institutes of Interest to Members of the Canadian CED Network

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an endorsement by the Canadian CED Network

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Practitioner & Sector Strengthening Committee Terms of Reference

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