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December 2012 Newsletter

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Shop Outside the Box, Shop With Impact

Holiday shoppers have the power to make real impacts in their community. This season, consider social enterprises and co-operatives when purchasing gifts for friends and family. Social enterprises across the country are helping to build stronger communities by providing basic needs for underserved populations, creating employment and training opportunities, and shifting our economy to more socially and environmentally sustainable practices. By shopping locally and socially, you’ll find unique gift ideas and support important capacity-building initiatives in your community.

For help finding social enterprises near you, visit the Canadian Social Enterprise Marketplace.

Saskatchewan CED News 

It’s all in the numbers: Saskatchewan credit unions 

The latest issue of SaskBusiness includes a cover story on Saskatchewan’s credit union movement and profiles several credit union leaders in the province. The feature article covers such issues as credit union mergers, online banking and increased banking regulations as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. The article's subtitle reads: "With over $15 billion in assets and $11 billion in lending, the credit union system is a force in Saskatchewan banking."
(Source: CCA News Brief)

Saskatchewan co-operators gather to Build a Better West 

Nearly 300 co-operative leaders, members and supporters gathered last month in Saskatoon to celebrate the International Year of Co-operatives and reflect on the movement’s future in Saskatchewan. The Co-operating to Build a Better West conference featured dozens of speakers and a keynote address by author John Ralston Saul. The conference also coincided with Co-op Fest, a co-operative music festival and trade show highlighting the community contributions of Saskatchewan co-operatives.

Good Food Junction Co-op: A dream realized 

A moving story about the formation of the Good Food Junction Co-op in Saskatoon's core neighbourhoods. The Co-op just opened a full service grocery store and is an inportant example of community building community in a cooperative way.
major food retailers had abandoned. going right back to the heart of why co-ops originated" doing a job co-operatives are meant to do. allowing people to invest in their own neighbourhoods. an example for canada. employeeing people in core neighbourhoods
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Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative

The car-sharing model is simple: individuals gain the benefits of a car without the costs and responsibilities of ownership. Instead of owning a car, members of a car-share have access to a network of shared vehicles 24/7 at self-service locations - like an organized short-term car rental.  The overall goal is to decrease personal vehicle use, provide affordable access to vehicles, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and encourage the use of sustainable transportation. A further goal is to support the development of co-operatives. The SCC is currently undertaking a feasibility study to help determine car locations and fee structures, has submitted proposals for seed funding, and anticipates accepting members in 2013.
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National CED News

The Sangudo Opportunity Development Co-operative Story

Like many rural Albertan communities the hamlet of Sangudo was in a slow state of economic decline. In this video, some of the community members who were instrumental in developing the Sangudo Opportunity Develoment Coop, discuss how they created the organization that raised the capital to invest in local businesses.
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A look back and ahead to 2013 for the social enterprise sector

It's that time of year again when we look back on the last 12 months and reflect on our accomplishments. In the spirit of this season, SEE Change Magazine has put together a Cross-Canada Social Enterprise Check-Up in which sector leaders share how the field is evolving in their region, what they are working on, and what’s on the horizon for 2013. David LePage (CCEDNet member) highlights the 11 recommendations developed by the Social Innovation Council and the upcoming Social Enterprise World Forum 2013 in Calgary as major accomplishments. Brendan Reimer (CCEDNet's regional director) and Marty Donkervoort (CCEDNet member) also contributed to the piece, who sees government procurement and better support for social enterprise start-ups as key to growing the sector.
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Co-op Investment Fund to launch in 2013

The International Year of Co-ops may be drawing to a close, but Canada’s co-op sector is already thinking about the future. Three Canadian co-op organizations recently pledged their founding support for a new Co-operative Investment Fund. The Fund, which will launch in 2013, will support the development and expansion of co-operatives through loans and subordinated debt sourced from the co-op sector. To date, financial support has been pledged by Vancity, The Co-operators and the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation.  
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CED Book Club - Community Economic Development: Building For Social Change  

Having made major gains in practice and having built local capacities through innovation, Community Economic Development practice now stands at a crossroads. In Building for Social Change, Eric Shragge, Michael Toye and colleagues from across the country offer a timely critical examination of CED practices and debates.
The goal of this book is to describe and analyze CED practice, primarily in Canada, but also the U.S. and Kenya, through a wide range of subjects, the evolution of its definitions and economic dimensions.

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