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Canadian CED Network News

CCEDNet Supports Community-Oriented Budget Recommendations 

The Canadian CED Network recently wrote to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to express our support for three recommendations in the Standing Committee on Finance's report on their pre-budget consultations. The report, Jobs, Growth, Productivity and Demographic Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Canada, included recommendations that highlight the need to foster growth in co-operative and social enterprise sectors, and to support minorty language communities.

Youth Leading Change: Report from the WUSC International Forum 

In November 2012, the World University Service of Canada held its 2nd annual International Forum. The theme was Youth Leading Change – Aspiration to Action, which prioritized the voices of youth in the discussion of global issues. Among the attendees was Sandra Babcock, co-chair of CCEDNet's Emerging Leaders Committee. In a recent blog post, Sandra wrote about her experience at the Forum, which she described as an inspiring event, and valuable opportunity to make connections with other young community leaders from around the world.

Social Impact Bonds: Beyond the Hype - Feb. 25 Webinar

Community agencies are facing funding reductions. Governments are looking to cut spending. Can social impact bonds help? If you’ve heard of social impact bonds and want to know what they are and their potential application to fund innovative community services, this webinar is for you. This upcoming CCEDNet webinar will begin with presentations by Christian and Margie, followed by an interactive question and answer period facilitated by CCEDNet Executive Director Mike Toye. Registration is open now.

Saskatchewan CED News 

Co-op Community Grows in 2012

Communities in Saskatchewan welcomed fourteen new co-operative enterprises in 2012. This increase marks a five-year high and demonstrates the growing interest of the co-op model. The new co-operatives are involved in a variety of economic sectors including, housing, education, transportation, environmental sustainability, financial services and marketing. According to Fred Khonje of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association, this growth "reflects a real desire by communities across the province who want to positively participate in Saskatchewan's economy."
(Source: SCA Co-operative Spotlight newsletter)

Creating a Poverty Free Saskatchewan

Despite the strength the province's economy, 140,000 people still live in poverty in Saskatchewan. To address this problem, Poverty Free Saskatchewan (PFS) is calling on individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments to work together to create an effective and detailed poverty elimination strategy for Saskatchewan. PFS is working to create a Made-in Saskatchewan action plan for eliminating poverty. Their report, Let’s Do Something About Poverty, offers proposals and solutions that can help reduce and eliminate poverty in Saskatchewan.

National CED News

CED Tool 

The Digital Leaky Bucket (DLB)  is an online version of a tool that Coady graduates have been using with communities for more than 15 years. The leaky bucket is a popular education tool that helps people at the grassroots better understand their local economy. It enables them to identify and quantify the main flows of money coming into and out of their community. In turn, this process may reveal economic opportunities, which can help community members improve their household and community well-being.

Oil, Global Food & New Community Systems

Michael Lewis, Director of the CCCR and long-time CCEDNet member, delivered a stirring keynote speech at Food Secure Canada's 2012 Assembly. In his address, Michael discusses the global food system's addiction to oil, and its extravagant use of energy. When we start to discuss the sustainability of our food system, Michael Lewis wants us to look at Teikei, Food with the Farmer's Face on It, Japan's pioneering (1965) efforts in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Follow the link below to watch Michael's speech in full.

Co-op Challenge Winners Announced 

Twelve co-ops from across Canada will share in $220,000 in prize money as winners of The Co-operators National Co-op Challenge. The challenge was created by The Co-operators as part of its celebration of the International Year of Co-operatives. The winners were determined by a nation-wide online vote. Here are the winners from the West Region:
1st Prize: Good Food Junction Co-operative ($30,000)
2nd Prize: Cortes Natural Food Co-op ($15,000)
3rd Prize: Peg City Car Co-op ($10,000)

Top Tweets of the Month

Here is a sampling of CCEDNet's most popular social media offerings in the last thirty days:
  • Enough Is Enough: A primer for achieving genuine prosperity & a hopeful future for all #neweconomy
  • To grow #SocEnt must play by business rules. Social ventures earn their stripes the same way private businesses do
  • There’s No GDP in “A Better Economy.” Shifting the focus away from GDP would lead to real economic progress
  • On the Impact Investing Horizon: Six impact investing initiatives to watch for in 2013. By @AdamSpence  
  • The Year Co-ops Became a Global Movement. IYC built a global #coop movement whose strength is still being understood

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