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November 2012 Newsletter

Canadian CED Network News

Raj Patel on the Value of Community Solutions

If you missed the 10th Annual CD/CED Gathering in Winnipeg last month - or just need a refresher - you can stream Raj Patel's keynote speech on the 'value of nothing' and the importance of community-based solutions to complex global problems. Raj Patel is a British-born American academic, journalist, activist, and writer of the best-selling books, The Value of Nothing: How to reshape market society and redefine democracy and Stuffed and Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World’s Food System. This portion of Raj's speech was aired on CKUW radio.
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CCEDNet featured in profile on Weston Wheels 

CCEDNet's work in supporting an innovative social enterprise in Etobicoke was recently featured in the National Post. The article profiles Weston Wheels, a social enterprise trains at-risk youth to perform basic bicycle repair, while also offering them employment and life skills training. CCEDNet supported the Learning Enrichment Foundation (which operates the social enterpise) during the start-up phase and helped facilitate a strategic planning session.

Saskatchewan CED News 

Federated Co-operatives Limited Boosts Saskatchewan Economy  

Federated Co-operatives Limited has recently added 100 permanent jobs to Regina’s economy. Through a major expansion of its refinery, FCL has boosted its production capacity by 45 per cent. Through contracts and construction, it is estimated that the expansion generated $5 billion in economic activity. The Co-op Refinery Complex is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FCL and its 230 member-owned retail co-operatives.
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In related news, it was another record-breaking month for the Saskatchewan economy, which added 541,600 permanent jobs in October. That figure is the highest on record for the month, and 12,500 more jobs than last October for the 11th month of year-over-year increases.  
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Idea Lantern Shines Light on the Co-op Difference

A new public art project in downtown Saskatoon is invites pedestrians to share their ideas on how they can help build a better world through co-operation. Hundreds of people have already contributed to the Idea Lantern project by writing their ideas on small cards. The art installation was established as part of the Build a Better West Conference, which is helping to highlight how co-operatives are reducing poverty, generating employment and bringing people together for the common good.

National CED News

McKinsey report finds strength in co-operative business model 

Co-operatives grow at an identical rate to companies, and those mutuals in the food and agricultural have surpassed their corporate counter-parts. This is the message from the Mckinsey on Co-operatives report unveiled at the International Summit of Cooperatives on October 9 in Quebec City. The report concluded that the co-op sector is well poised for growth, but most pursue opportunities in new and fast-growing markets.(Source: ACCA news)
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CED Book Club: Community Economic Development - Building For Social Change

Having made major gains in practice and having built local capacities through innovation, CED now stands at a crossroads. In Building for Social Change, Eric Shragge, Michael Toye (CCEDNet's Executive Director) and colleagues from across the country offer a timely critical examination of CED practices and debates. This book is designed for CED practitioners, for others working in community-based organizations and those being trained.
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Unique Position to Focus on Co-ops in University Business Faculty 

The Province of Manitoba has committed funding to create a chair in co-operative enterprises for the development and delivery of a co-op business program at the University of Winnipeg. According to Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross, the program will “help raise awareness of the benefits of co-operatives to the general public and act as a resource for the business community.” This one-of-a-kind position will be responsible for developing the University’s faculty of business and economics’ concentration in co-operative management. 

CED Tool: Community Information Database

The Community Information Database (CID) is a free internet-based resource developed to provide communities, researchers, and governments with access to consistent and reliable socio-economic and demographic data and information for all communities across Canada. This tool allows community researchers to create custom interactive maps from a wide range of economic, demographic, physical and cultural data.
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