For Volunteers with Specialized Skills

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We connect you with organizations that need your input and specific skills to carry out a time-limited piece of work. Our work with organizations before you meet them helps ensure your contribution will be a good use of your valuable volunteer time.

The Process for Volunteers

Skills Provided to Community


Why Volunteer with Spark?

  • You can learn a lot about community issues and great organizations who are working to make a difference
  • Volunteering your expertise for the benefit of community groups can be a great promotion and publicity for you
  • Spark also serves as an information and referral hub: Spark volunteers will be referred to first when paying projects come along
  • It looks great on a resume or LinkedIn profile
  • It is the right thing to do! True pro bono acts make for better communities, as is reflected in the meaning of the complete Latin phrase: pro bono publico, or “for the public good”

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