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Intersectional Movement Building Research Intern

Indigenous Climate Action (ICA) is looking for someone with passion, who enjoys working on a team, conducting research, building connections, and is committed to true Indigenous Climate Justice to serve as its Intersectional Movement Building Research Intern.

At ICA we inspire climate action by centering Indigenous sovereignty and autonomy as a primary climate solution. ICA provides tools for our communities, promotes sustainable ways of life and uplifts our solutions and voices within the climate crisis. As Indigenous Peoples, we must realize that we are our own experts. 

CAD $25-30/hour (depending on experience)
Start Date: 
Mon, 08/17/2020
28 Jul 2020

Effectively Launching a Collective Impact Initiative

Tamarack Institute LogoSocial problems can be complex and multi-faceted. Greater impact is harder to achieve if organizations work in silos to try and resolve them. All levels of the society including the government, social service agencies, corporates and the public must strive to take a structured collaborative approach to create sustainable solutions.

This webinar will cover the micro-skills and tactical issues surrounding setting up a Collective Impact Initiative. The key topics of the seminar include:

  • From incremental thinking to transformational action
  • Issues suitable for Collective Impact
  • Top 5 deliverables and 9 strategic actions in your first year
  • Continuous communication purpose and tips
  • Implementing a Community Engagement strategy
  • Drafting a plan
  • Getting ready for Year 2
  • Hear stories that inspire

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Engaging Youth: Inspiring Stories and Lessons Learned

Tamarack Institute LogoEngagement is critical for all programs, services, and initiatives that impact youth. Both youth and organizations that serve youth agree that youth engagement is a must-do but there seems to be a disconnect in how to actually do it well. We hear often about the challenges of engaging youth such as low participation rates or difficulty reaching youth, and also frustrations from youth about not feeling listened to or understood. So how do you do it well?

During this webinar we will hear two stories of innovative approaches to youth engagement and pull out their lessons learned, to inspire you to thoughtfully consider ways to improve your own youth engagement practices.

Note: this is a bilingual webinar in both English and French. 

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Tools for Harnessing Collective Creativity

Sylvia Cheuy HeadshotWhether the meeting you are hosting is virtual or face-to-face, being intentional about how you design and facilitate it can make all the difference. This is especially true when you are hosting people from a diversity of sectors and perspectives.

This webinar introduces participants to Liberating Structures: a menu of thirty-three simple, but highly effective, facilitation methods designed to encourage people to think, learn and work together in new ways. Whether used individually, or sequenced together, Liberating Structures demonstrate how high-impact change often happens through small shifts in how we think and interact.

Join Tamarack’s Sylvia Cheuy to learn more about Liberating Structures and the principles that make them work. Learn about – and experience – some of Sylvia’s personal favourites and expand your changemaker tool-kit with a rich array of road-tested approaches to unleash collective creativity.

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