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Health and Home Care: Co-operative Responses

The structure of the health system is at the heart of the health crisis linked to COVID-19. What challenges do health and home care cooperatives face and how can they offer complementary services to the currently saturated public health network?

Due to the global COVID-19 crisis, the Association of Co-operative Educators (ACE) and Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) decided to join forces to offer the Co-operation Virtual Instititutes (CVI). CVI will bring together co-operators who will exchange on current hot topics of the co-operative sector.


Union Co-op Solutions: A Manifesto

Join the launch of Union Co-ops UK: A Manifesto for Decent Work.

A Union Co-op is a fully unionised, worker co-operative, owned and controlled by those who work in it.

It's a model that offers us an opportunity to reset the working world, harnessing the collective power of workers, their knowledge, skills and creativity through strong partnerships between unions and co-operatives. As the world of work looks set to change beyond all recognition as a result of covid-19, this is a model that has the potential to offer hope to millions of people across the globe. 

See the speaker line-up and register

Co-construction of SSE Public Policies from the local to the global

Image with webinar informationWe invite you to participate in this new webinar focused on SSE public policies. An event to continue previous discussions.

In this virtual meeting, we would like to discuss aspects such as: What are the best SSE practices, from local to global? In which local, regional, and international spaces are the SSE movements co-constructing with local and national governments? How can this process of co-construction at different levels help the SSE movement to better address the challenges of Covid-19 and beyond?

On which Public Policies specifically? What are the next steps we should take/are taking together? How can we learn from each other and co-operate to improve our actions?

This webinar is part of the RIPESS 2020 SSE Global Vision Project through which RIPESS Intercontinental is launching a series of webinars to promote how SSE provides solutions to the global challenges we face.

Note: written translation will be available in both English and French during the webinar



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