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Brendan Reimer

Prairies & Northern Territories Coordinator

" I believe that people want to help shape a holistically good life. Therefore, it only makes sense that you'd get there through a holistic development approach."

Brendan's early days in Paraguay set the stage for his passion and commitment to social justice. His parents were actively involved in community development and social justice, and their influence echoes through Brendan's life path. Brendan began working in the restorative justice field, and ran a social enterprise with men with various disabilities. Following that, he volunteered with CED organizations and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Development Studies and Sociology from the University of Winnipeg. He is a volunteer board member with LITE, a CED organization, and enjoys playing soccer, running, gardening and spending time with his family.

Brendan Reimer
breimer [at]
T: (204) 943-0547