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As a bonus to this years Growing Local conference, Food Matters Manitoba held the "Farm to Cafeteria" Forum. With funding from Rural Secretariat and CCEDNET, this event brought together chefs, farmers/producers, food service managers, distributors, grocers, cafeteria operators, and not-for-profits to explore models and methods for increasing the amount of local food that is purchased by local institutions.

One of the highlights, besides hearing about the innovative work on this being done by Diversity Foods at the University of Winnipeg, was a presentation by Local Food Plus (www.localfoodplus.ca) who have not only created a certification process for local and sustainable food, but have also worked with institutions in Ontario to increase the percentage of local food that they purchase. This presents an excellent opportunity for us in Manitoba to explore, as it would result in economic opportunities for rural communities and food producers, decrease the transportation costs and environmental impact associated with imported foods, and ensure a high quality and healthy food options for consumption.

Canadian CED Network News

Roundtable with Bob Rae

Canadian CED Network members and staff joined Bob Rae, Liberal M.P., for a roundtable discussion in Winnipeg on February 2nd.

Participants stressed the need for the federal government to remove the burden of transportation loans faced by refugees. They also highlighted the important work that is being done by community organizations to reduce poverty and to prevent crime, while reiterating the challenges that come by having to rely on short term, project based funding. Participants urged the federal government to provide stability for community organizations with multi-year funding. Participants also highlighted local models that take a CED approach to housing development, and recommended that investment in community infrastructure and housing would have much greater local impact if done in this way.

Building a People Centered Economy: Public Policy and the Social Economy

Research by the Canadian Social Economy Hub (CSE Hub) has featured analysis of the unique role and relevance of Social Economy organizations to public policy issues around the world. The discourse has grown as researchers, civil society organizations and governments seek to respond to inter-related socio-economic and environmental challenges. The economic downturn has fuelled this interest in seeking a more people-centered economic model, a role that the research suggests is unique to the social economy.

See their latest newsletter for research on the role of the Social Economy in public policy, and how to strengthen the outcomes of the Social Economy for societal benefit.

Building a People Centered Economy: Public Policy and the Social Economy

Demystifying Revenue Canada and Charities

Did you know that getting charitable status is a “one way street”? Once your non-profit organization becomes a charity, it cannot “go back” to being a non-profit without penalty. This includes a 100% tax on your assets, which must be given to the CRA, or gifted to another charity. This, and other important information was shared at a February 17 workshop entitled “Financial Records and Reporting for Charities”. This workshop, attended by 35 people, was hosted by the Canadian CED Network-Manitoba, and delivered by Stacey Corriveau of the BC Centre for Social Enterprise.

If you are a non-profit organization interested in applying for charitable status, or if you are a charity hoping to demystify some of Revenue Canada’s language, go to http://www.southfraser.com/cra_workshops/ to get copies of Stacey’s presentation.

MP John McCallum – Economic Forum

On Thursday, February 18th, Canadian CED Network staff participated in an economic forum to discuss the upcoming federal budget and Canada’s economic future. The discussion was hosted by Anita Neville, MP for Winnipeg South Centre and Liberal Finance Critic The Honourable John McCallum.

Canadian CED Network staff highlighted the innovative and effective initiatives that community organizations are undertaking through a CED model to provide much needed housing and childcare services, to provide newcomer settlement programs and to help marginalized unemployed individuals overcome barriers, develop capacity, and find and maintain employment. It was recommended that the federal government establish a national program that commits multi year funding to support and strengthen community led development and poverty reduction initiatives. Many voiced a recommendation to develop a well funded and comprehensive poverty reduction strategy with targets and timelines. In that context emphasis was placed on a need for federal leadership in addressing the social housing crisis in Canada. Finally, support was requested for the creation of a Cooperative Investment Strategy inclusive of a Cooperative Investment Plan and a Cooperative Development Fund in recognition of the important role that cooperatives play in creating jobs and keeping wealth and ownership rooted in the community.

Saskatchewan CED News

Saskatchewan Co-operative Association Launches New Website

The Saskatchewan Co-operative Association's new website features many improvements, including a stronger visual appeal, more intuitive navigating, and more information than ever before.  Just a few of the new features include information about starting your own co-op, a full listing of member ogranizations and a highlight of their work, and profiles of different types of co-ops.

Rainbow Housing Co-operative and the Benefits of Co-operative Living

The Saskatoon-based Rainbow Housing Co-operative is a member-owned complex that offers affordable housing geared towards any person wanting a safe environment for themselves and their family.  As member-owners, residents have a say in how Rainbow Housing is run as a business, which adds to its viability for future generations and success as a buisness.

CED Tool

Charity Tax Tool - Make CRA Reporting Less "Taxing"

Charity Tax Tools is a free comprehensive information website with easy-to-understand content developed by Imagine Canada that will provide Canadian charities with timely information and tools to ensure they have the resources to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements. The website is most advantageous for small and medium-sized charities, as well as the many legal and accounting advisers/practitioners who do not specialize in the sector, but nevertheless support charities.

Canadian CED News

2010 National Summit on a People-Centered Economy

May 30 - June 1, 2010


The 2010 National Summit on a People-Centred Economy will be an unprecedented gathering of leaders and representatives of the community economic development, cooperative and social economy sectors to build a common agenda and mobilize action for a secure, sustainable economy that puts people and the planet first.

The Summit will be centred on six themes:

1. Finance and Investment
2. Enterprise Development
3. Territorial Revitalization
4. Organizing the Social Economy Marketplace
5. Partnerships and Sector Development
6. International

 Read more about the Summit, it's central proposition and our planning team.

National Group Formed to Support the Transition of Canadian Cities

On a daily basis we are confronted with an array of issues that threaten our life styles and livelihoods. However there is a grassroots movement that is spreading rapidly around the globe which helps to address two potentially devastating concerns - peak oil and climate change. The Transition Town initiative which was formed in the U.K in order to facilitate community based action to combat these forces has spawned Transition Canada. On their own, Canadians are moving to a new level of sustainability and happiness.

Read on...

Ethical Investments Towards Your Future - Today!

Interested in your RRSP portfolio? La Siembra is a worker-owned cooperative that imports, produces, and distributes fairly traded cocoa, sugar and other high quality chocolate and baking products while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Investors in La Siembra have no middle man; their investment is made directly with the cooperative, it is eligible for a RRSP, and it directly supports a business that was founded on ethical principles. Dividends are paid annually, and they have always offered a positive return on investment ranging from 1.3% to 5% in the last five years.

Click here to find out more, or email La Siembra for more deails.

Courtesy of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation

 Equity Tax Credits as a Tool of CED

In a recent edition of Making Waves, the Canadian Centre for Community Review has reviewed the design and implementation of two different tax credit programs for CED purposes in Manitoba and Nova Scotia.  Many CED practitioners believe provincial and federal tax credits to create the right incentives that attract financing from the private sector.

Marketing Social Enterprise

Social enterprises generally combine a form of public service with innovative and efficient practices.  A recent issue of Making Waves looks at the importance of marketing social enterprises as a means to the social mission at the heart of these operations.  The economic constraints that frequently plague social enterprise put pressure on the sales and marketing efforts of the buisnesses for their ensured success.

Obama Administration Details Healthy Food Financing Initiative

The Obama Administration announced the allocation of $400 million towards the Healthy Food Financing Initiative, a project designed to bring grocery stores and other healthy food retailers to underserved urban and rural communities accross America.  The initiative is intended to increase access to healthy food in economically distressed areas that offer little or no fresh produce.

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