August 2011

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Profile: CED in Manitoba Profiles Project

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CED Tool: Sustainable Communities Boot Camp Resource Guide

National CED News

Our Manitoba office has launched a new project to profile CED in Manitoba. So far we've completed 35 (of 50) stories of communities working to build fairer and stronger local economies, reduce poverty, and revitalize neighbourhoods. Read all our profiles of CED at

Here is a preview of three profiles (click on the title to download the article):

Le Marche de St. NorbertIn 1988, on a sunny day in July, eight vendors met on a lawn in St. Norbert to sell their wares. Since that modest beginning, this “make it, bake it, grow it” market has grown into a non-profit co-operative with 130 full-time vendors and as many as 50 casual vendors.

West Central Women's Resource CentreThe WCWRC, which opened in a basement office in inner city Winnipeg in 2001, recognized that several needs in their low-income community could be addressed by a single initiative — the Childminding Program.

Pollocks Hardware Coop - The resurrection of Pollock’s Hardware is one of Winnipeg’s great CED stories. When store owners Wayne and Lois Cash decided to retire, they put the 85-year-old business up for sale. However, after a year there were still no buyers and Pollock’s was forced to close in December 2007.

Canadian CED Network News

New CCEDNet Publication - Building a Federal Policy Framework and Program in Support of CED

CCEDNet has just released its newest publication, Building a Federal Policy Framework and Program in Support of Community Economic Development. The report was written by Kirsten Bernas and Brendan Reimer of the CCEDNet-Manitoba office.

The report addresses the ongoing challenge for CED organizations in Canada to maximize their long-term community benefit when multi-year funding for core organizational costs remains out of reach. The report recommends that the Canadian government develop and implement a federal CED Policy Framework and Neighbourhood Revitalization Program (NRP) modelled after the Government of Manitoba's CED Policy Framework and Neighbourhoods Alive! program.

Download the full report

Manitoba Social Enterprise Research

CCEDNet has partnered with BALTA and researchers from Simon Fraser University and Mount Royal University in an effort to measure the size, scope, and strength of the social enterprise sector in Manitoba. Researchers have contacted over 400 social enterprises in Manitoba to help demonstrate the significance of this often overlooked economic sector. This project will add another piece of the puzzle toward building a national picture of social enterprises in Canada.

Not only will this provide critical baseline data that will be useful when describing the value of this work to government, the public, and non-profits, but the engagement will also broaden and strengthen relationships within the sector. The research should be completed by the end of summer 2011, with events planned for the fall to build on the relationships and information generated by this work.

Contact Brendan Reimer or Ryan O'Connor at our Manitoba office for more information.

Meet our Members

The University of Saskatchewan is a public research university, founded in 1907, and located on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon. The University is the largest education institution in Saskatchewan and currently offers over 200 academic programs. Over 20,000 students currently attend the University. Visit their website

Saskatchewan CED News

Saskatchewan Co-operatives Awarded Grant from CCA

Two Saskatchewan cooperatives were among the recent recipients of the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Co-operative Devleopment Program grant. The Co-operative for Sustainable Tourism and Ecological Management in Beauval will be working with youth to design and implement a youth co-operative within the fields of sustainable tourism and ecological management in the region.

The Northern Retail Co-operative Project in Ile a la Crosse is hoping to establish retail co-operatives in Northern Saskatchewan to provide affordable food and keep investment the community. The Canadian Cooperative Association will provide these Co-ops with a $5,000 towards their goals.

Read more about the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Co-operative Development Program

Saskatchewan Co-op Videos

Co-op Merit Awards Profile Video: The Saskatchewan Co-operative Association recently released an online video profiling Ben Chung, the recipient of the 2010 Co-operative Young Leaders Award. Watch the video

Rainbow Housing Co-op: Volunteers from the Saskatchewan Co-op Youth Program filmed this short video, which outlines the advantages of housing co-operatives and profiles the successful Rainbow Housing Co-op in Saskatoon. Watch the video

Register Now for the Co-operative Solutions: A Forum on Housing Co-ops

Saskatchewan Co-operative Association (SCA) will be hosting this information forum on housing co-operatives on September 9th in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The one day forum will feature a variety of speakers, who are experts in the area of housing co-operatives. The forum will educate attendees on the fundamentals of housing co-ops, the housing co-op development process, and the role different housing stakeholders can play to encourage and develop housing co-ops in their respective communities. Registration closes on August 31, so sign up now!

Read more

Four More Families Find Shelter Through Homeownership Program

At their AGM in June, Quint Development Corp. recognized the achievements of four families who recently became homeowners through the Neighbourhood Homeownership Program. Since 1996, the program helped 89 families to achieve homeownership. An additional 16 families continue in the program as members of the Millennium Housing Co-op. The program is designed to provide assistance to families with limited incomes in purchasing homes in certain inner-city areas. The assistance is provided through interest-free loans up to 30% of the appraised value of the house, and grants for critical repairs.

Read more

(Source: Quint Summer 2011 Newsletter)

CED Tool: Sustainable Communities Boot Camp Resource Guide

This Resource Guide complements the Sustainable Communities Boot Camp, an intensive peer-learning session for teams of senior government officials and their key partners from 13 regions across the U.S. The purpose of the Boot Camp is to help participating regions, and others like them, to refine and improve their near-term plans, strategies and projects, but also to transform their overall approaches to regional development. Towards this end, the Boot Camp lays out a holistic framework for sustainable and equitable regional prosperity, as well as a range of practical tools, strategies and models intended to help practitioners translate this framework into on-the-ground action.

Download the Resource Guide

National CED News

Apply Now for the Social Enterprize

The Trico Charitable Foundation is now accepting applications for their four Social Enterprize awards. Two organizational awards will be given to entrepreneurial nonprofit organizations who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation. Two individual awards will be given to people who hold full-time positions as social entrepreneurs within the nonprofit sector, and who intend to provide leadership in an effort to innovate and build capacity. The deadline for applications is September 15, 2011.

Read more

Join the Social Enterprise Marketplace

The Social Enterprise Council of Canada's online Marketplace is a great opportunity for social enterprise to connect with local consumers. The Marketplace allows consumers to search easily through a broad range of products and services offered by social enterprises across the country. If you haven't already listed your social enterprise on the Marketplace, you should do so now! It's free, easy, and a great way to tell the world about your products and services. Tell other social enterprises in your community about the Marketplace and help raise awareness of the great work being done by this sector.

Read more

Two Upcoming Co-operative Conferences

The Business Succession and Employee Ownership Conference: Will take place in Quebec City from October 11-13, 2011, will focus on how to convert businesses into worker co-operatives. With nearly 200,000 business owners set to retire in the next 10 years, a tremendous opportunity exists to create more democratic workplaces. Read more

North American Worker Co-operative Conference: From October 13-15, 2011 in Quebec City, worker co-operators from North America will come together to share experiences, create a North American association of worker co-ops and proclaim a joint declaration for 2012, the UN International Year of Co-ops. Read more 

(Source: CWCF August Newsletter)

SAVE THE DATE: Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise - Nov. 20-22

Join hundreds of experienced and prospective social enterprise practitioners from across Canada at the fourth Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise taking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, November 20 to 22, 2011. The Conference will include intensive day-long and half-day training sessions on a variety of socieal enterprise topics, a policy forum on a report about the state of social enterprise policy development in Canada, and local tours of social enterprises in Halifax.

Read more Now Online

Canada now has a new website dedicated to the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives. is aimed at both the co-op sector and the broader public: its features range from basic information about the co-operative business model and co-operatives in Canada to suggestions on how both individuals and organizations can get involved in the International Year. Another feature to be added later this year is an interactive page where people can post their own IYC2012 messages.

(Source: CCA News Brief)

Does Your Thesis Have the ANSER?

The Association of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER) is now accepting applications for their Dissertation Awards. ANSER recognizes outstanding Masters and Doctoral theses that contribute to the advancement of theory, research, and practice in any aspect of study related to the nonprofit sector or the social economy. Students who have completed and/or defended their dissertations in the last 3 years are eligible to apply. Applications and questions should be directed to Dr. Jorge Sousa at

Read more

ACE Institute Award Winners

The Association of Co-operative Educators (ACE) recognized five community leaders at their annual conference in Winnipeg last month. Monica Adeler, Cindy Coker, the University of Winnipeg, Arctic Co-operatives Limited, and José Julián Ramírez Ruiz were awarded for their unique and important contributions to co-operative education in Canada and abroad. As a event planning partner, CCEDNet would like to congratulate the award recipients and thank everyone for making the ACE Institute 2011 a huge success.

Read more


Local Food in the News

The local food movement has been getting some great coverage in the news lately, and just in time for summer. Earlier this month, The Globe and Mail ran an article on the role of Local Food Plus in spreading awareness and accessibility of local food across the country. LFP, a non-profit organization, issues certification to farmers who comply with their strict sustainability and production standards and helps connect them with local buyers. The article also cites economist Rod MacRae, whose calculations suggest that "if 10,000 families in a province shift $10 per week to local, that means $5.2-million would shift away from imports and directly into local economies." LFP used Ontario for its pilot programs, but will be moving into BC, QC, and MB in the near future.

Read the full article

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