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Canadian CED Network News


CED News, Events and Resources

Canadian CED Network News

1. It’s Time to Renew your Membership!

Membership renewal notices were sent by mail in mid-January to all paid 2010 members. If you didn’t get one and think you should have, please contact us at info at or 819-795-3056.

One of the changes in this year’s membership renewal is the introduction of a ‘Sustaining Member’ category. Sustaining members pay a higher fee, receive a tax receipt for the amount above the regular fee, and are recognized for their contributions.

A strong and diverse membership is CCEDNet’s greatest strength. To find out more about being part of the national movement for sustainable and inclusive communities, click here.

2. A Message from CCEDNet’s Treasurer: CCEDNet Changes Auditor

As announced in the November national newsletter, CCEDNet moved our administrative office from Ottawa to Victoriaville, Québec last fall.

One of the implications of this change is that it would have been more complicated to continue with the Ottawa-based auditor that we have used for the past two years. In addition, in an effort to reduce expenses where possible, we have been seeking a more cost effective option for our audit.

The Finance Committee and the Board analyzed the expected costs, and administrative and logistical challenges of continuing to work with the Ottawa-based auditor, and agreed to seek out an alternative solution for the 2010 fiscal year. The Finance Committee and Board considered a proposal from an auditor in Victoriaville and in January the Board appointed Roy Desrochers Lambert as auditor for our 2010 financial year. We expect that we should experience a cost savings on the audit and Roy Desrochers Lambert are familiar with CCEDNet; having acted as our auditor in 2001 and 2002.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or our Executive Director, Mike Toye.


Victoria Morris
Executive Director, Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Treasurer, Canadian CED Network

3. International Forum, Regional Events and Annual General Meeting

This year, CCEDNet is partnering with the Chantier de l’économie sociale for the International Forum on the Social Solidarity Economy that will be held in Montréal, October 17-20. This will be a major international event, so plan to be there if you can!

This spring, CCEDNet is also working with member organizations across the country to hold regional events. The first will be March 3 and 4 in Vancouver, and others will follow across the country. For more information on all the regional events, see:

CCEDNet’s Annual General Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Ontario CED Conference, on June 8 in Toronto. We are also exploring options for members across the country to participate virtually. Details on the AGM will be posted on the website and members will be informed as soon as they are available.

4. CCEDNet-Manitoba Policy Resolutions
During the summer of 2010, members of CCEDNet in Manitoba worked together to create a set of policy resolutions that would highlight policy priorities for the network in Manitoba.

These resolutions were debated at a Policy Summit held in November 2010, and the resolutions that were adopted are presented in the report Toward Strong, Fair, Sustainable Communities. This document presents a set policy priorities for the network and members to pursue in 2011, and is a tool to use in advancing our collective agenda with policy makers.

5. Follow up to the National Summit on a People-Centred Economy

The momentum created by the National Summit on a People-Centred Economy in Ottawa last year is continuing. Recently, CCEDNet submitted a letter on behalf of Summit partners to the Canadian International Development Agency, urging them to give greater priority to CED and social economy strategies in their economic development policies and programming.

The Final Declaration from the Summit has been revised and approved by Summit partners and is available on the Summit page of our website.

Furthermore, the Summit partners have prioritized six recommendations for action by the federal government to strengthen a people-centred economy in Canada. These form the basis for our continuing policy outreach to governments.

6. International Committee Teleconference on North-South CED Partnerships
On February 16, CCEDNet’s International Committee held a telelearning session on North-South CED partnerships, sharing the experience of two successful partnerships. Through Uniterra and Canadian Crossroads International, Canadian organizations have partnered with groups in Bolivia and Nepal to learn from each other on topics of community forestry and microcredit.

Resources from the session, including a recording of the session, a YouTube video on the microcredit partnership, and links to websites for more information:click here

7. CCEDNet on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
Social media is an increasingly popular way of sharing information. Since December, CCEDNet has been increasing our social media presence in order to better reach our members and others interested in CED and the social economy.

Our YouTube channel, contains videos on innovative projects and CCEDNet members across the country, such as this one by Affirmative Industries in Nova Scotia.

If you have a video you’d like us to post or ‘favourite,’ send an email to Georgette at

We also post the latest news updates to our Facebook fan page. For links to our Facebook page, Twitter stream and YouTube channel, see:    


CED News, Events and Resources

8. Policy Developments Across Canada
There have been a series of positive announcements related to CED and the social economy across Canada in recent months. In December, Prince Edward Island’s legislative assembly passed the Community Development Equity Tax Credit Act, modelled after Nova Scotia’s CED Investment Funds. 
Nova Scotia’s economic development action plan included measures to improve access to capital for social enterprises and improve their regulatory environment. 
The British Columbia government has announced the creation of an Advisory Council on Social Entrepreneurship, which reports to the provincial Parliamentary Secretary for Social Entrepreneurship. Congratulations to CCEDNet members David LePage and Janice Abbott, who are among the appointees.

9. Presentations from the Northern Summit on the Social Economy

A Northern Summit on the Social Economy was held on November 2-4, 2010 in Whitehorse, Yukon. Podcasts, presentations and an overview of the event can be found on the website of the Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada:

10. From CCEDNet’s Toolbox: The Role of Social Enterprise in Local Economic Development
This paper from the proceedings of the 2nd EMES International Conference on Social Enterprise, held in Italy in 2009, examines possible scenarios for local economic development and analyzes why social enterprises play a key role in restructuring local economies.

For more tools and resources, visit CCEDNet’s on-line toolbox at:


11. Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research

The Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research / Revue canadienne de recherche sur les OSBL et l’économie sociale (ANSERJ) is an online open access English and French peer-review publication that contributes to extending and linking the value of nonprofit and social economy research relationships across Canada and throughout the world. ANSERJ is multi-disciplinary, as well as interdisciplinary. High quality theoretically based, empirically grounded research and applied research from different perspectives is welcome to further the frontiers between theory and practice. The first issue was released in December 2010. You can view it here:

The journal welcomes all research submissions, including research on international and local community economic development, on an on-going basis. Submission guidelines are posted on the ANSERJ web site:

Peter Elson and Francois Brouard
English and French Language Editors, ANSERJ


Thank you to our members, funders, and sustaining members such as Louis Grenier and Cape Breton University, who make our work possible.

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