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Help make CED a priority in this federal election with CCEDNet's Election Resource Guide!

CCEDNet has created a one-stop-shop for federal election resources. This accessible Guide includes fact sheets, blogs, articles and questionnaires from nearly a dozen organizations across the country to help inform you of the issues that matter to Canadian communities this election.

We hope that this Guide will help you make an informed decision on May 2nd in support of building fair, strong, sustainable Canadian communities.

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What you'll find on our Election Resource Guide:

CCEDNet's Questions and Letters to the Leaders:

CCEDNet has developed a list of questions you can use to find out where candidates in this federal election stand when it comes to building fair, sustainable, and resilient Canadian communities.

In addition, CCEDNet, along with its partners from the 2010 National Summit, has sent letters to the party leaders asking for their positions and commitments to support community-based economic action.

2010 National Summit Priority Recommendations

These recommendations were developed by over 340 leaders and representatives of the CED, cooperative and social economy sectors during the 2010 National Summit on a People‐Centred Economy. This document was sent to the party leaders with the above letters.

Links to Other Election Resources

We have compiled an accessible list of some of the best and most reliable election resources from Canadian organizations who are working to bring issues such as housing, poverty, food security, co-operative development, child care, and environmental sustainability to the forefront of this election.

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