Invest in Your Community - New Investment Shares for Pollock's Hardware and Neechi Foods

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Neechi Foods Co-op and Pollock's Hardware Co-op have introduced public share offerings to raise capital that will help them expand their operations and continue serving their communities. 

Follow the links below to learn more about these exciting opportunities to invest in the future of Winnipeg's North End community.

How it Works:

The CED Tax Credit encourages local private investment in Manitoba-based opportunities by providing community-based enterprise development projects with the means to raise necessary equity capital. A Manitoban who invests in eligible local enterprises will earn a 30% personal income tax credit on a maximum annual investment of $30,000 or $9,000 in tax credits.

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Neechi Foods Co-op Ltd.

Neechi Foods Co-op has become the first co-op in Manitoba to issue a public investment share offering. The shares will help raise the capital needed to complete the development of Neechi Commons Community Business Complex, which will create over 50 jobs for community members. Neechi Foods Co-op is incorporated as a worker cooperative which provides affordable and healthy food and local employment opportunities. 

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Pollock's Hardware Co-op Ltd.

Pollock's Hardware is a co-operatively owned hardware store located in Winnipeg's North End. Working through the co-operative model, Pollock's seeks to build a stronger community by promoting local ownership and control, and developing and providing community leadership.

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