June 2012

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Canadian CED Network News

Connections 2012: Community Investment Solutions for a Better Ontario

The 2012 CCEDNet-Ontario conference attracted just over 100 participants to the Learning Enrichment Foundation in Toronto. A sold-out bus tour visited several social purpose enterprises, and the conference featured speakers looking at strategies for innovation in an age of austerity, generating revenues, co-operative development and growing inequality, along with a variety of workshops.

The conference also hosted the Toronto launch of The Resilience Imperative by CCEDNet founding member Mike Lewis.

Many thanks to the event steering committee and funders.

>> Consult the full program here

(Photo credit: LOFT Youth Centre for Social Enterprise & Innovation)

CCEDNet 2012 AGM: Growing from the Grassroots

CCEDNet held its annual general meeting on June 6. Members in person and attending via webinar and teleconference across the country reviewed the accomplishments of the last year, welcomed new Board member Indu Krishnamurthy, recognized outgoing Board members Victoria Morris and Naomi Adams, and approved two member-sponsored resolutions.

The results of strategic planning process undertaken through the spring were also discussed. These will be shared with members in the coming weeks.
>> Read our Annual Report

CCEDNet Sends Support for Special Committee on Co-operatives

On May 30, 2012 the House of Commons adopted a motion by MP, Mauril Bélanger, calling on the House to establish a special, non-partisan committee on co-operatives. This committee will consider the role cooperatives play in Canada and identify areas where the federal government may improve and give them greater support. The motion intends to bring greater understanding of Canada’s co-ops and promote the advantages of the co-op model. 

The presence of this Committee will be particularly important given the recent decision by the federal government to terminate the Co-op Development Initiative and make significant cuts to the Rural and Co-operative Secretariat (read more).

In response, several community organizations and co-operatives initiated a letter-writing campaign to each Party Whip, urging them to submit their party's committee representatives (click here to CCEDNet's letter). Fortunately, by June 8, all parties had appointed their representatives to the Special Committee, with the Conservatives holding 7 seats at the table, the NDP 5, and the Liberals 1.

Handout to Habitat: Film Screening & Forum to Change Perspectives on Homelessness

The Canadian CED Network, the SFU Certificate Program in CED, and other partners will be hosting a series of film screenings and forums to bust myths about homelessness and engage people in discussions about finding meaningful and lasting solutions.

The events will feature special screenings of the Homesafe documentaries, created by Skyworks Charitable Foundation. Four events will be held at four different locations through BC, including Abbotsford, Surrey, New Westminster and Vancouver, starting on June 18.
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To learn more about how you can host a screening of the Homesafe documentaries in your community, contact Kirsten Bernas at kbernas@ccednet-rcdec.ca or 204.943.0547.

Saskatchewan CED News

Co-operating to Build a Better West Conference

Learn how co-ops have positioned themselves to respond to pressing challenges and improve the lives of their members. This Conference will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss the power and potential of co-ops, celebrate the 2012 International Year Co-ops, and be inspired by renowned speakers including Mark Surman and John Ralston Saul. Build a Better West takes place November 1-3 in Saskatoon.
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Station 20 West to Open in September

Get the giant ribbon and scissors ready - construction on the new community hub, Station 20 West, is slated to finish in late August, with the official opening taking place on September 4. Several years in the making, this Community Enterprise Centre will help provide social and economic revitalization to Saskatoon communities, while providing an important hub of collaboration and innovation for local non-profits, co-ops and social enterprises.
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Co-op Volunteers Show Their Support for Community in Saskatoon

Hundreds of Saskatchewan co-operators devoted the week of May 28 to June 3 to doing volunteer work in communities across the province. The Saskatchewan Week of Volunteering was part of the SCA's celebration of the International Year of Co-operatives.

In one short week, volunteers helped  plant a community garden in Saskatoon, build a new play structure at a playground in Lake Lenore, create a garden outside a palliative care centre in Regina and hosted a fundraising barbeque for a food co-op in Humboldt.
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National CED News

Bi-Partisan Anti-Poverty Caucus Holds First Meeting

A newly minted federal All-Party Anti-Poverty Caucus (APC) held its first event on Parliament Hill on June 12. According to a media release, the APC will bring together diverse stakeholders from all political stripes in order to make systematic and lasting improvements in the lives of Canadians living in poverty. 

In an email sent to the co-chairs (Jean Crowder, MP (NDP); Hon. Art Eggleton, Senator (Lib); Hon. Michael Chong, PC. MP (Cons)), CCEDNet expressed thanks for their role in the formation of the this new Caucus. CCEDNet commended the APC for making a clear statement that poverty is not the issue of any one party, but of all parties, because it is of critical importance to all Canadians.

CCEDNet is particularly pleased to hear that this new bi-partisan caucus will seek to bring together federal government, community and other key stakeholders to develop solutions to poverty. We also indicated our willingness to share the innovative, comprehensive, and community-led models that our members are using across the country to respond to poverty with the APC.

Our Network understands that complex community challenges, such as poverty, require multi-faceted and coordinated responses, and that those responses will be most successful and sustainable when they are community-led.
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CCA Survey Shows Canadians' Support for Co-operatives

The vast majority of Canadians say co-operatives provide better customer service than other types of businesses, treat their employees better, have more environmentally sustainable practices and support community values and the local economy. Those were some of the results of an Abacus Data survey commissioned by the Canadian Co-operative Association and conducted on May 15 and 16.

The survey found that when given a choice between a member-owned community business and a national brand, most of Canadians would choose a co-operative (83%).

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Poverty Progress Profiles

Canada Without Poverty has compiled Poverty Progress Profiles to help Canadians keep track of what their provincial government is doing to reduce poverty. The Progress Profiles examine the current status of poverty, plan development and implementation or organizational appeals for a plan, and details on specific thematic areas related to poverty (such as housing, welfare, employment support, and early childhood education and care). Saskatchewan is the only province, aside from BC without an active Poverty Plan.
>> Read the Saskatchewan Progress Profile 

National Right to Food Strategy

After a two-week mission in Canada, the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier de Schutter, released his preliminary report on May 16th. The report reflects many voices and concerns that he heard during his mission in Canada, and concludes that Canada is in urgent need of a national right to food strategy. Despite Mr. Schutter's expert advice, the Government of Canada was largely dismissive of the recommendations outlined in the report. In response, hundreds of national and local organizations have undertaken a letter-writing campaign to urge the federal government to reconsider their position on the UN's recommendations.
>> Read the full report

Online Co-op Training Program

The CoopZone Developers' Network Co-operative has recently released updated information for its multi-level on-line training program on co-operative development beginning in September 2012. The first level, called the Foundations Program lasts for one year (September - April). The second level, or the Advanced Program, lasts for two years and both years will be offered starting in September. In addition, we are developing a new, basic introductory course on co-operative development. Each level is designed to take a few hours per week. 
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A Tool-Box for Community Collaboratives

This Tool-Box, created by the White House Council for Community Solutions, includes a detailed guide of key activities and resources to structure and sustain collaborative and effectively generate meaningful community participation in these efforts. It is made up of four primary tools that each includes additional resources to support collaborative towards success. The four tools are: Building or Improving a Community Collaboratives, Community Collaborative Assessment, Community Collaboratives Learning Examples, and Community Collaboratives - The Next Generation of Community Participation
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