November 2011

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Canadian CED Network News

Fair Trade and CED Webinar

The Canadian CED Network's International Committee is hosting a free webinar, titled Fair Trade and CED: What's the Link? on December 13.

Through an evaluation of fair trade for rural women knitters in Bolivia to the promotion of Fair Trade in Manitoba, and a new initiative to create a Canadian Fair Trade coalition, this webinar will assess the impacts of fair trade and its contribution to economic empowerment.

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Meet our Members

Association franco-yukonnaise

Association franco-yukonnaise is the official voice of about 3,550 Yukon Francophones, 1,250 whom have French as their mother tongue. A non-profit organization, AFY seeks to create and develop, with the help of our partners, the services, activities and institutions needed in order for the Yukon's Francophone community to remain viable and dynamic.

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The NADC champions the cause of Alberta's northern economies and communities by exploring opportunities for growth, and developing programs and services to facilitate this growth. The Council is made up of nine public members and the Chair is a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Alberta.

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Northern CED News

SERNNoCa's Final Conference on the Social Economy

More than 50 participants came from all across Northern Canada (including CCEDNet's Executive Director, Michael Toye, all the way from Victoriaville, Quebec) for the final conference of the Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada (SERNNoCa) in Yellowknife, Nov 21-23. Researchers, community partners and students shared research findings from many of the more than 25 research projects that have been carried out over the last five years. They also discussed current challenges and considered priorities moving forward. A new 7-year research program looking at the impacts of resource development on communities in the North, ReSDA, will build on SERNNoCa’s work to date on the social economy and look at how the social economy can be used to provide greater benefits from resource developments to northern people.

Congratulations to all members of SERNNoCa for very valuable research and learning over the last five years and into the new research program.

Yukon's First French-Speaking Public Forum: Un gros succès! 

The Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY), a CCEDNet member, and the Yukon Francophone School Board are pleased with the success of the Yukon's first French-speaking public forum, which was held on October 4. More than 80 people attended. Participants discussed important current local issues including housing, health, early childhood and social services were recurrent themes. Angélique Bernard, president of the AFY, claims that "This demonstrates that Yukon Francophones want to be an integral part of the debate on important issues in the territory and want to make their opinions heard." 

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Current Issue: Food security in the Nunavit

Pita Aatami, president of the Makivik Corporation, is calling for Nutrition North Canada to take a “serious second look” at its new subsidy program before it forces the price of food and other household products to rise throughout Nunavik. Aatami argues that Nutrition North dropped too many essential items that were once covered under its predecessor, the federal food mail program. Nutrition North claims the new program’s goal is to encourage the northern food supply chain to run as “efficiently as possible,” which means encouraging better use of marine transport. However, local residents argue that higher restrictions on certain products will raise the cost of living.

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Arctic Co-ops and Canadian Co-op Association Bring Financial Literacy Month to the North

In conjunction with Financial Literacy Month, Arctic Co-operatives Limited and the Canadian Co-operative Association are partnering to deliver financial literacy training in Pond Inlet, Nunavut at the end of November. Further modules will be developed and piloted through the winter and spring of 2011/12.

The project was first made possible by the commitment of Gay Lea Foods Co-operative to raise and donate $50,000 per year over three years to projects in Canada's North. The board of Arctic Co-operatives Limited identified developing and strengthening financial literacy as a priority area and began discussions with CCA to develop a program.

(Source: Canadian Co-operative Association News Brief, November)

National CED News

Hundreds mobilize for housing rights across the country

National Housing Day, which fell on November 22 this year, commemorates the 1998 declaration by the Big City Mayor’s Caucus that homelessness had reached crisis proportions in Canada. Across the country, people gathered to raise awareness about Canada’s continuing homelessness problem and to call for government action to address the lack of adequate, affordable housing.

According to the Red Tent Campaign, "While this year's National Housing Day will be a time to reflect on lost opportunities like the failure to pass bill C-304, it is also a time for us to look into the future and renew our commitment to making housing a right in Canada."

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National Summit of the Charitable & Non-Profit Sector - November 28 – 30

This national summit has sold out. Thankfully, organizers of the Summit are offering an exciting opportunity to participate online. The Summit is bringing together leaders from across sub-sectors and from across the country. The four themes for the Summit include: 1) Improved conditions for the attraction and retention of paid staff; 2) More diversified and sustainable financing; 3) Better understanding of our work and our impact; and 4) Enhanced support for the engagement of volunteers/external talent.

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Blurring the Lines Between Business and Charity

An up-lifting story of two Manitoban men is at the heart of a recent Globe and Mail article about the pan-Canadian growth of social enterprises. The author recounts Mart Donkervoort’s career trajectory that ultimately led him to the create Inner City Renovation, a still-thriving social enterprise in Winnipeg (and a CCEDNet member). The social enterprise has since employed over 150 people, including Brian Pollock who has proudly worked his way up from labourer to project manager. The article effectively conveys the paradigm shift currently occurring across Canada’s economy without losing sight of the human stories that ultimately propel this crucial shift. 

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2011 Social Finance Forum

The MaRS 2011 Social Finance Forum is to take place December 13-14th in Toronto, Ontario. The two-day event features the latest news in social finance and practical ideas on how to best mobilize capital. Organizers would like to match –or even exceed - last year's impressive turn out of 300 attendees.

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New Publication by the Tamarack Institute: Cities Reducing Poverty

The Tamarack Institute has recently published a new book, Cities Reducing Poverty: How Vibrant Communities are Creating Comprehensive Solutions to the Most Complex Problem of our Times. The book highlights the results of Tamarack's Vibrant Communities project, a ten year "living laboratory" on comprehensive, multi-sector efforts to reduce poverty. Cities Reducing Poverty explores how to tackle the tightly interwoven causes-and-effects of a complex problem through mutually reinforcing activities.

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CED Tool

Assessing Community Information Needs: A Practical Guide

This Guide was developed by the Aspen Institute to help individuals and groups to assess and build what they refer to as "a healthy community information environment." 

The Report suggests that a fundamental shift is needed in how people's information needs are met. This shift, in part, urges the creation of multiple information sources in the community so that people have "many and varied touch-points" to access information. Four important considerations and nine strategies are offered to help communities assess and build a healthy information environment. This is a valuable resource to anyone interested in finding new ways to mobilize people to help strengthen communities.

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(Source: Tamarack Institute Newsletter)

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