October 2011

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The 2011 Manitoba CD/CED Gathering

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The Manitoba CD/CED Gathering

The 2011 Manitoba Community Development/Community Economic Development Gathering was a huge success! With over 500 people attending, a great key-note speech by Silver Donald Cameron, and 26 workshops, it was an inspiring day. There was lots of great, locally sourced food from social enterprises and co-operatives. Our vision for the Manitoba Gathering is to provide an inspiring annual opportunity for people in community development and community economic development to connect, learn and celebrate together. The early feedback coming in shows we did just that!

  • “Great sessions, great community and great food. All run like a well oiled machine.”
  • “The energy was so positive in the space and folks felt not only enriched intellectually but welcome in a meaningful way.”
  • “This was my first CED Net Gathering, and I left feeling energized and connected.”
  • “Great crowd, excellent presenters. My only concern was not being able to attend enough workshops in this too brief event! Really enjoyed myself and learned a lot.”

Of course, CCEDNet shares this success with the many people and organizations who help make the Gathering happen every year. We would like to thank the Gathering planning committee members, sponsors, the many volunteers, and everyone who came out with the goal of learning how we can works towards a future where everyone has enough, forever.

(Photo on the right - Silver Donald Cameron delivering the keynote speech at the Gathering)

Canadian CED Network News

Presentation by Brendan Reimer on CCEDNet's Research Roles Available Online

A presentation made by Brendan Reimer - CCEDNet's Prairies and Northern Regional Coordintor/YouTube sensation - is now available online. The presentation was made at the 2010 Northern Summit on the Social Economy. Brendan speaks about CCEDNet's approach to collaborative research and policy work, and how these mandates come together to support poverty reduction initiatives and the social economy. The Summit was held in Whitehorse, Yukon from November 2nd - 4th, 2010 as a part of research activities of the Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada (SERNNoCa).

Click here to view the presentation 

Meet our Members

Affinity Credit Union


Affinity Credit Union follows a mandate to add value to the Saskatchewan communities that they serve. Affinity maintains that stronger credit unions can help to create stronger communities. To achieve this, Affinity works in partnership with its members and communities to promote and enhance social and economic development.

Visit their website

L'Arche Winnipeg

L’Arche Winnipeg’s mission is to create homes with people who have an intellectual disability where faithful relationships based on forgiveness and celebration are nurtured, to reveal the unique value and vocation of each person, and to change society by choosing to live relationships in community as a sign of hope and love.

Visit their website

Saskatchewan CED News

SCA Announces Co-operative Award Winners

The Saskatchewan Co-operative Association recently recognized four distinguished individuals for their contributions to their communities and the cooperative sector. For enduring excellence, Bob Kirkland of Advantage Credit Union received the Lifetime Co-operative Achievement Award. Lisa McEachern received the Cooperative Young Leaders Award, Roger Herman received the Co-operative Contribution Award, and the Co-operative Contribution Award went to Patrick Lapointe from the Saskatoon Community Clinic and Community Health Co-operative Federation.

CCEDNet congratulates these distinguished individuals and thanks the SCA for annually making the effort to pay credit where credit is due.

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Vote Because Food Matters

Food organizations from across Saskatchewan are encouraging voters to think about food when they go the polls. In an effort to raise awareness about food issues, these organizations have come together to create I Vote Because Food Matters website. The website features information on how food policy affects the local environment, economy, communities, and health of its residents. It encourages voters to talk to the candidates about these issues, and gives provides advice for taking action.

This website is based on the I Vote Because Food Matters campaign held for the 2011 Manitoban provincial election.

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Have Your Say for the International Year of the Co-op Celebrations

Itching to begin the celebrations? You are not alone. In preparation for the International Year of the Cooperative, which officially begins at the onset of the new year, the Saskatchewan Cooperative Association have issued a call to all those with ideas on how best to celebrate. In the mean time, there will be a flag raising ceremony at the Provincial Legislature. Look for the latest information on the SCA Facebook page and newsletters.

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Co-operative History Exhibit is taking a Road Trip to Melfort, SK

As part of the excitement surrounding the International Year of Co-operatives, the residents of Melfort, Saskatchewan are being presented with an opportunity to host an exhibit exploring the history and impact of co-operatives. Until now, the Building Community exhibit has been housed at the University of Saskatchewan where it was first created by the Centre for the Study of Cooperatives.

The exhibit will be in Melfort from October 17-28. CCEDNet encourages all those who are able and interested to pay the exhibit a visit. For interested readers who live elsewhere, don't hesitate to contact organizers about the possibility of having your community host the exhibit.

(Source: CCA News Brief, September)


National CED News

New Research on Co-op Survival Rates

The results are in and they reveal strong support for the enduring strength of cooperatives! In partnership with BALTA, researcher Carol Murray shows that between 2000 and 2010, 66.6% of co-operatives in BC were still operation five years after incorporation. In contrast, only 39.5% of conventional business were still operating.

Why is this the case? Key factors include: strong financial planning, engaged members, active board participation, sound consulting practices and clarity of purpose. The research echoes previous results drawn from studies conducted in Quebec. The findings of a related study currently being undertaken in Alberta are highly anticipated.

Download the Report

Apply Now for the Graduate Student Research Award

Calling all graduate students! In collaboration with the Institute for Non-profit Studies of Mount Royal University, ANSER-ARES is offering two Graduate Student Research Awards. Designed as on opportunity to foster and acknowledge research excellence, any student whose academic focus pertains to non-profits and/or the Canadian social economy may apply for the $2,5000 grant with the expectation of furthering applied research. 

Deadline for submission is December 20th, 201. Submit applications electronically, in either English or French, to anseraward@gmail.com

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Register Now for the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise

Organizers of this year’s Canadian Conference on Social Entreprise have issued a call to social enterprising Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Held November 20-22 in Halifax, Novia Scotia this event is designed to bring together a wide range of stakeholders, from practitioners - both new and experienced - to government actors, supporters and funders. This is a great chance to share ideas and best practices while benefiting from the collective energy.

Register here

David LePage on the Social Enterprise 'Jigsaw Puzzle'

Social entrepreneur guru David LePage has published a thought provoking short essay on the future of social enterprises. Employing the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle, the kind without “a picture on the lid and everything, but with whatever pieces they and their friends bring to the table,” LePage describes the gradual assembly of this diverse sector. Seeing the multitude of existing models as an asset, he stresses the need for inclusion and collaboration. The focus must remain on how best to blend effective business measures with progressive social values.

Read the complete article and other thoughtful piece’s on the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal's ejournal

Vancouver Sun Asks - Are Co-ops the solution to Occupy Wall St. Woes?

Which business model in B.C. controls more than $10 billion in assets, employs 13,000 people and returns all profits to members? The answer is, of course the co-operative model, which a recent Vancouver Sun article touts as a viable option that meets many of the pressing demands of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Speaking on behalf of the B.C. Co-operative Association, John Restakis argues that co-ops, both big and small, are a mechanism for democratizing the economy. So whether it is by shifting your consumption to a local co-op or by spreading public awareness about the existence of market alternatives, be sure to join the celebration of a movement that is very much a vanguard of new ideas.

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Measuring the Co-operative Difference Webinars

Webinars are an effective, low cost way to connect people and their ideas. The Meauring the Co-operative Difference Research Network is making use of this technology to offer an overview of the current tools and resources available to co-op researchers and practitioners. If you have questions, you are likely to find answers with the help of this thoughtfully assembled panel of co-op researchers and practitioners.

Register here

November 5th is Bank Transfer Day

In another instance when social media is being used as a force for good, a Facebook event entitled “Bank Transfer Day” is encouraging people to opt for credit unions. More than 55,000 people have pledged to make the switch. Creator Kristen Christian cites the Occupy Wall Street ethos as an inspiration. In addition to visiting the Facebook page, those interested may also find information through the U.S. Credit Union National Association (CUNA).

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(Source: CCA News Brief, October 2011)

See the World with an International Aboriginal Youth Internship

Are you - or is someone you know - an Aboriginal youth interested in international development projects? The International Aboriginal Youth Internships offer incredible opportunities to partake in project overseas, including extended stays in Uganda or Jamaica.

Click here for further information on eligibility, registration and projects.

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