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Vote - A Message from Brendan Reimer

We believe in the power of communities and people to turn visions into local realities; working with each other to build our own capacity, to grow our economy in a fair, equitable, and sustainable way, as well as to reduce poverty and social exclusion. We want better futures, for everyone, for a long time.

But beyond the tireless and determined drive of local residents, leaders, and organizations to pursue vibrant and healthy communities, the greatest determinant of success is whether government enables this work, or chooses not to. Everything we do in community economic development has some linkages to policy, and everything we are trying to achieve in communities can be helped or harmed by shifts in policy.

This is the reality whether we work in northern, rural, or urban communities. This is true for the development of co-operatives and social enterprises. Those working with people without jobs and the under-employed know how policies impact access to basic incomes and training opportunities. The nature of our local food economy is shaped by policies. Access to health care, child care, housing, and the basic necessities of life are shaped by policy. In fact, government’s whole approach to development, to the economy, to our communities – particularly those that are struggling – is shaped by policy. It really matters a lot, to every one of us.

Given the imperative, it falls to each of us to think about the policy implications related to our vision of healthy communities, and push for them at every level. But more importantly this next month, it is a high priority for all of us to become very informed about where each party stands on the issues that matter most in our communities, and to vote in support of the party that will stand in support of our futures.

Vote for our visions. Vote for our communities. Vote for the elimination of poverty. Vote for a sustainable development. Vote for fairness. Vote.

Brendan Reimer
  CCEDNet Regional Coordinator

Canadian CED Network News

CED Provincial Election Guide

CCEDNet-Manitoba has created a one-stop shop for online Provincial election resources to help you make an informed, CED-conscious decision on October 4. Our 2011 Provincial Election Guide includes CED questions for you to ask candidates, letters to and responses from party leaders, and inks to other election campaigns on food and poverty.

The Guide also features a list of upcoming election events, which will allow you to meet the candidates and with other Manitobans who are working to make CED a priority this election.

Visit the Election Guide

Registration Now Open for the 2011 CD/CED Gathering

Join more than five hundred delegates, including community organizations, government, students and social entrepreneurs who will come together to examine ways to reduce poverty and build stronger communities in Manitoba. The theme for this year's Gathering is "Enough, For All, Forever," and will feature many opportunities to discuss how we can build stronger, fairier, and more sustainable communities.

The 2011 Gathering will include a keynote speech by the always engaging Silver Donald Cameron, 20+ workshops and a free lunch catered by local CED food providers.This free, all-day event takes place on October 21st at St. John's High School in Winnipeg's North End.

Register here

Save the Date for CCEDNet-MB’s 2011 Policy Summit

On November 25, CCEDNet-MB members will have the opportunity to have their say in the activities of our network. CCEDNet’s Policy Summit is an excellent opportunity for members to learn more about our collective work, our activities in the past year, and connect with other members. Members are also encouraged to submit new draft resolutions and draft motions toamend or repeal existing resolutions before the October 26 deadline.

Contact Kirsten Bernas at or 943-0547 to learn more.

Film Screening of the Economics of Happiness

To help kick-off the 2011 CD/CED Gathering, CCEDNet will be hosting a Manitoban premier screening of The Economics of Happiness. This documentary, which was released earlier this year, highlights the power of 'going local' and tells the story of communities around the world that are coming together to rebuild more human scale, ecological economies. 

The free screening will take place on October 20 (one day before the Gathering) at the Gas Station Theatre at 7pm. This event is being sponsored by Menno Simons College. Contact Sarah at for more information.

CCEDNet Staff News

It was been a busy and transitional summer for CCEDNet's Manitoba office. We wished Spark Coordinator, Fio Pasquarellii farewell as she began her maternity leave earlier in the summer. The Spark office is fortunate to have CCEDNet Member Coordinator, Lindsey McBain come in to fill Fio's position. Lindsey can now be reached at 837-7275 and

CCEDNet also welcomed Sarah Leeson-Klym as this year's CD/CED Gathering Coordinator. You can contact Sarah with any questions related to the Gathering at

In other news, CCEDNet's Regional Cooridinator, Brendan Reimer is now on Twitter. Follow Brendan at @brendan_ccednet to find links to great CED-related news items, stay informed about our Manitoba office's activities, and access insightful commentary in 140 characters or less!

Meet our Members

Community Futures Winnipeg River (CFWR) is a grassroots driven economic development organization serving the North Eastman region of Manitoba. CFWR’s goal is to help communities in North Eastman improve their economies by working with them to create long-term development plans and supporting local business people in the region through business development services. 

Visit their website

The Central Development Neighbourhood Corporation is the neighbourhood development corporation in the three areas of Centennial, Central Park and West Alexander in Winnipeg. The CNDC works to involve all stakeholders including residents, association institutions and government in strategizing and delivering community development solutions in central Winnipeg.

Visit their Website


Manitoba CED News

Vibrant Communities Symposium

Whether focused on climate change, housing, food security, municipal or city planning, community economic development or well-being, we all need to work together. With neighbourhood walkabouts, keynote speakers, an armchair discussion, panel presentation, speed networking and group discussion, the Vibrant Communities Symposium on October 12-13 is designed to encourage dialogue within and across sectors, and discuss the challenges inherent in these guiding principles – collaboration, community involvement, informed decisions, fairness and inclusion.

Read more or Register here

MCA Awards Dinner - Tickets Now Available

Each year Manitoba Cooperative Association celebrates the accomplishments of cooperators within Manitoba. This year three awards will be presented: Distinguished Cooperator Award - Wayne MacLeod; Cooperative Merit Award - Marcel Daenick; Cooperative Achievement Award - Assiniboine Credit Union

The event is taking place on Thursday, October 20 at 1055 Wilkes Ave. in Winnipeg. A reception will begin at 5:30pm, followed by dinner at 6:00pm. To get your tickets, contact the MCA office at or (204) 989-5930.

Cooperative Development in Manitoba Helped through Tax Credit Fund

The cooperative community was thrilled with the Province of Manitoba's announcement last year of a tax credit incentive to spur development of cooperatives within Manitoba. Cooperatives in Manitoba can contribute any amount up to $50,000 and be provided with a significant tax credit. Last year $72,000 was raised through the generosity of the cooperative community. 

For more information on how you can contribute to this fund, visit or contact Cheryl Krostewitz at

(Source: MCA’s Co-op Connections September 2011 Newsletter)

Food Matters Manitoba Conducts Food Assessment in St. Vital

From the success of Winnipeg’s North End food assessment comes Foods Matters Manitoba’s next challenge. Stefan Epp and the team at FMM are in the final stages of completing St. Vital’s very own food assessment. Epp contends that St. Vital serves as an excellent example that people everywhere may experience barriers to healthy and accessible food. As in the case of the North End, this food assessment will not only highlight existing challenges but also bring forward the positive practices that can already be found amidst this diverse community.

(Source: The Lance, Photo Credit: Arielle Godbout)

Read more 

New Co-op Course at the University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg faculty of Business introduces an exciting new course. Sign up now and receive three credits this winter by exploring the dynamic world of co-ops. Led by Monica Adeler, students are exposed to an engaging curriculum that seeks to address the unique management principles of co-operative organizations. Register now to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to expand your learning beyond a traditional business model.

Read more or download the course poster

Support the A-Zone

For those of our members who have been following the A-Zone’s longstanding effort co-operatively own and manage 91 Albert St. to will be happy to hear that negotiations are nearing an end. The A-Zone is a centre for progressive thought that brings together a wide range of folks, from academics, to couriers, to workshop facilitators.

To provide some much needed financial assistance, or simply to learn more about the effort, please visit

New Social Purchasing Portal Open for Business




The new and improved Winnipeg Social Purchasing Portal is now online. The SPP is designed to help connect purchaser partners with local businesses that provide added social and/or economic value to the local community. The portal is a web-based business-to-business database that facilitates business relationships, which then trigger economic growth for the suppliers, which in turn creates employment opportunities for individuals or groups who face multiple barriers to employment.

Visit the SPP and sign on as a purchaser or supplier today!

SEED Winnipeg used in case study on effective partnerships in CED

A new report, Understanding and Promoting Effective Partnerships for CED - A Case Study of SEED Winnipeg’s Partnerships, identifies the factors that have contributed to SEED Winnipeg's successful partnerships and includes suggestions on how to improve future relationships. The project identifies a number of these factors and concludes that they can indeed be used to guide partner selection and development processes to improve the quality of partnerships for all actors.

Read more 

Fundamentals of CED Course

The University of Waterloo's Economic Developent Program will be hosting a five-day intensive course on the Fundamentals of Community Economic Development in Winnipeg. The curriculum will cover the roles of economic development organizations, models for CED, community marketing strategies, strategic economic planning, and many other important topics.

The course is being offered in association with the Economic Development Association of Canada and the Economic Developers Association of Manitoba. It is taking place on Novemer 13-18 at the Delta Hotel.

Click here to register, or click here for more information

CED Tool: Social Enterprise Learning Toolkit

Enp has launched the Social Enterprise Learning Toolkit, learning modules on the following topics: Governance, Leadership, Blended Value Design(Financial Analysis and Social Value Models), Product & Markets, Business Operations, Customer Relations, Marketing, and Risk Analysis. Each module includes slide presentations, worksheets and references to relevant documents and other resources. The Social Enterprise Learning Modules cover basic elements and information about planning and operating a social enterprise. Each module covers key principles and offers leads and links to further resources.

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National CED News

FIESS 2011

The 2011 International Forum on the Solidarity and Social Economy is being held on October 17-20 in Montreal, Quebec. Participants can expect a participatory and interactive atmosphere, as the Forum is intended as a meeting place for people and ideas related to the social and solidarity economy from around the world.

Click here to register and learn more 

Two Upcoming Co-op Conferences

Business Succession and Employee Ownership Oct 11-13, 2011: experts share their experiences with co-operatives as a solution to the growing challenge of business succession.

North American Worker Co-op Conference Oct 13-15, 2011: an historic occasion to discuss best practices with worker co-operators from Canada, the U.S., Spain, France, Italy, and Argentina.

Tamarack’s Evaluating Community Impact Workshop

The Evaluating Community Impact: Capturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes workshop is a three-day, interactive learning event designed to increase the capacity of leaders involved in community change efforts to better understand and evaluate the outcomes of these efforts. Due to popular demand, Tamarack is once again offering this workshop to enhance the capacity of communities.

This workshop is geared towards people involved in community change initiatives with an interest and some basic experience with evaluation. 

Read more

The Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research - New Issue

The Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSERJ) is an online open access bilingual peer-review publication. ANSERJ is dedicated to providing a stimulating and vibrant forum for the open dissemination of contemporary high-quality, peer-reviewed research on nonprofits and the social economy. The most recent edition includes articles on the gender dynamics of Canadian activism, the social and economic benefits of community recreation, voluntary participation in CED, among others.

Read the latest issue of ANSERJ

Applied Research Fund at Mount Royal University

The Institute for Nonprofit Studies at Mount Royal University is once again inviting applications to its applied research fund. Two proposals will be funded to a maximum of $7,500 each. Applications should address practical issues in the area of governance, sustainability, or policy. Letters of Intent are due on October 14thand full proposals will be due on November 14th. The full application form is available on request. More information and previously funded research are profiled in the applied research section of the Institute web site.

Read more

MBA in CED – An Advanced Program with Community at its Core

Cape Breton University’s Master’s of Business Administration in Community Economic Development is designed for learners and graduates who aspire to play leadership roles in the public sector, in Third Sector organizations, and in community-minded businesses. The program curriculum, in addition to business subjects found in traditional MBA programs, focuses on economic development, leadership, strategy, governance, managing change and international management.

The program also strives for accessibility, as students can complete the program program by attending classes in the summer or on alternate weekends in their city and complete the courses over 22 months. 

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