Special Event: Social Enterprise Development with Gerry Higgins

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The Canadian CED Network and the Social Purchasing Portal invite you to attend...

Social Enterprise Development with Gerry Higgins

Wednesday, May 16th
580 Main St.
United Way Learning Centre

Manitoba's social enterprise leaders, actors and fans are invited to this special event featuring Gerry Higgins, a global leader in social enterprise.

This event will create a space for anyone active or interested in social enterprise to connect, network, and learn about new ideas and innovative practices from around the world. Gerry will share his experience and demonstrate how Manitobans can inspire local action to create a supportive policy environment for social enterprise development.

Following Gerry's presentation, the audience will be invited to ask questions and engage in a group discussion on all things social enterprise.

About Gerry Higgins: 

With years of experience and success at social enterprise development, Gerry is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Community Enterprise in Scotland and Chair of the Social Enterprise World Forum. Based in Scotland, Gerry specializes in designing public procurement policies that shift government purchases in support of social enterprise and the mission they achieve.
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If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Kirsten Bernas - kbernas@ccednet-rcdec.ca


This event is being co-hosted by the Canadian CED Network and the Winnipeg Social Purchasing Portal


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