Summer Newsletter 2010

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Summer Newsletter 2010

Welcome to the Summer 2010 Issue of the Canadian CED Network's e-newsletter for the Ontario Region, your information resource on the latest news and projects in CED in Ontario.

Please contact us with your comments by emailing or phoning the Ontario office at 416-760-2554.


In this issue

News from the Canadian CED Network

For more news from the Canadian CED Network, please visit the "What's New in CED" section on our website.

The benefits of local and targeted procurement

Brendan Reimer, prairies regional co-ordinator for the Canadian CED Network, has published an op-ed piece in the Winnipeg Free Press on the benefits of local and targeted procurment. To read the full op-ed piece, please click here.

CED featured in press release from Council of the Federation meeting

Also, at the Council of the Federation meeting in Winnipeg recently, Reimer took part in a press conference with Stuart Trew of the Council of Canadians on concerns about Canada-EU Trade Agreement negotiations. Quotations from Brendan on behalf on the Canadian CED Network have been featured in various media releases: Radio Canada, a press release following the event (click here), and a blog describing the meeting (click here).

Canadian leaders call for a People-Centered Economy

The social and solidarity economy movement in Canada just got a lot more organized. National, regional, and provincial organizations and networks involved in co-operatives, social enterprises, fair-trade, and community-economic development gathered June 1st in Ottawa to hammer out a common agenda and speak with one strong, clear voice.

Click here to view the Declaration of the 2010 Summit on a People-Centered Economy.

Couldn't attend the Summit? View the keynote speaches and addresses from elected officials online.

Click here to see summit videos including addresses from Minister Blackburn, Nancy Neamtan, Raj Patel, Michael Ignatieff, Ken Delaney, and Michael Peck.

Women's Economic Council Launches "If Women Mattered"

Women’s Economic Council calls on policy makers to support women’s economic security with effective funding of women-centred community economic development programs and services. Their vision is simple: economic security for every woman.

The Council's latest press release (July 20th, 2010) stated: "The reason why 1.22 million women – and their children – continue to live in poverty is also simple: women don’t matter to the current federal government. Women’s day-to-day social and economic reality is simply not reflected in government policy and funding decisions."

"The Canadian Women’s Foundation has documented that women-centred CED programs are demonstrating amazing impacts: over 90% of women who participate improve their quality of life, over 80% become more employable, and over half increase their household and personal incomes."

"If Women Mattered outlines the steps the federal government can take to effectively support women-centred CED organizations including gender-equitable federal spending and funding women-centred CED as an effective, targeted poverty reduction strategy."

If Women Mattered is available by clicking here or visit Women Economic Council's website.

Ontario CED News

Public Hearings in August on Bill 65, Ontario’s proposed Not-for-profit Corporations Act

The Ontario Nonprofit Network is currently dispersing information on Bill 65 including what the organization supports and what they want changed.

From an ONN release:

Bill 65 (available in full by clicking here) has the potential to be precedent-setting legislation that will serve the sector’s future, but this is a critical point in time as the draft Act moves into Committee for review. We need to advocate for three key changes in the current draft, and ensure two features are supported and remain in the final Act.

ONN supports:

• The new designation “public benefit corporation” (whereas the federal act refers
to nonprofits as “soliciting corporations”)
• The ability of nonprofits to engage in commercial activities as long as revenues
are used to forward our public benefit objectives (Note: we anticipate push-back
on this clause from the business community).

The changes ONN wants:

• An accurate and clear definition of a Public Benefit Corporation where a
nonprofit corporation can opt-in to the designation regardless of whether it
receives government funding.
• A permanent asset lock for Public Benefit Corporations in order to ensure
assets remain in the public domain for the public good. (This already exists for
charities; the current bill proposes only a temporary asset lock).
• Ability to access community bonds in order to raise capital in communities
using a similar process and infrastructure that already exists for Ontario cooperatives.

The Standing Committee on Social Policy has scheduled a public hearing in August
before it must submit its report and recommendations to the Ontario Legislature on
September 13th, 2010. The location and date of the public hearings is as follows:

• Toronto – August 23th, 2010

Organizations are encouraged to provide written submissions. ONN will be providing a brief in the next week that we will forward on to members. We also expect to provide a teleconference on this topic.

On Co-op's launches another round of internships!

On Co-op is very pleased to announce the launch of yet another round of internships, marking the association’s 9th year running the highly successful program!

The first round of internships is set to begin on September 13th, 2010, and the second round will begin next March and run through to August, 2011. Host applications for the current intake are due by Wednesday, August 18th, 2010.

For detailed information on this amazing program, please click here.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting an intern, please contact Audrey Aczel, Public Affairs Manager at: 1-888-745-5521 x24 or via email at: Host applications accepted on a first-come, first served basis until August 18th.

Ontario Association of Food Banks announces launch of Community Harvest Ontario

On July 14th, the launch of Community Harvest Ontario at Whittamore's Farm in Markham was celebrated. The program brings farms and corporate partners together to increase fresh food donated to local food banks. This is a necessary response to the challenge of hunger and the need for healthy food for our neighbours turning to food banks. It is with your help that it will be possible to generate hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh healthy food annually for people facing hunger. For more info on the launch, including video and news articles, visit


Inter-Action: Canada’s New Multiculturalism Grants and Contributions Program now accepting funding applications

On June 27th, changes to the Multiculturalism Program were announced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The new program, known as Inter-Action, provides funding under two streams, Projects and Events, each with their own updated objectives, funding guidelines, and processes.

For details about Inter-Action and info on how to apply for funding click here.

Pro-bono consulting available from the Volunteer Consulting Group

The Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG) offers pro-bono consulting services for local nonprofit organizations. Teams of five undergraduate students, one MBA student, and advisors from the consulting industry provide support on areas such as fundraising strategies and marketing plans. Nonprofits typically receive support for a few hours each week, for six months beginning in November.

For more info and access to application forms, click here.

Another organization providing similar services is Pro Bono Law Ontario, which promotes access to justice in Ontario by creating and promoting opportunities for lawyers to provide pro bono (free) legal services to persons of limited means.

Communications Manager: Centre for Social Innovation

CSI is currently seeking an extraordinary individual who brings solid communication skills, marketing savvy, and a sense of style and creativity to the job.

For full job description click here.

Upcoming Events

Co-op Conference and Gala

The 10th annual Co-op Conference and Gala will be held Wednesday, October 20th at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, ON. The theme is: "2020: Expand Your Co-op Vision."
The conference runs from 9am - 5.00 pm, and the Co-operative Spirit Recognition Awards banquet and gala follows from 5pm - 9.00pm.

Co-ops, credit unions and sector stakeholders use the Co-op Conference and Awards Gala to network, learn, renew inspiration and celebrate co-operative spirit. Participants includes co-operators from all sectors of the co-operative movement in Ontario, Canada, and internationally.

Additional information and registration details will be released shortly. For a sneak preview, check


Building Communities, Building Prosperity

From the Toronto Board of Trade (to read the full report, please click here).

On June 10th, the Toronto Board of Trade released Lifting All Boats: Promoting Social Cohesion and Economic Inclusion in the Toronto Region

Traditionally, issues such as poverty, community safety, and integration of new Canadians are viewed strictly through a social justice lens. While we all share responsibilities for fostering social equity, these issues also have a very real impact on the business community and the economic growth of the Toronto region.

Lifting All Boats examines the hard costs of inequitable access to affordable housing, community services, public transit, and employment. It also explores the economic advantages of creating cohesive, inclusive communities and effectively leveraging the talents of new Canadians.

Now is the time to call on municipal candidates to tell the Toronto Board of Trade how they propose to work with citizens and the business community to maximize the potential of the region’s most valued asset – its diverse and talented people.

Visit to share your comments with all members and citizens and to see how candidates are responding to the latest election discussion.

On Co-op launches province-wide Petition to ask governments to encourage the development of co-operatives

Last month, On Co-op launched its province-wide Petition, directed to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, asking government to “create an environment that encourages the development of co-operatives.” To date, 400+ signatures have been received. With more than 1,300 co-ops in Ontario, 10,000 board members, 1.4 million members and 15,500 staff members, our goal is to have THOUSANDS OF SIGNATURES by October 17th!

Please get involved and help On Co-op reach its goal. MPPs will table the Petition beginning on Co-op week in October. Download the petition here or visit

Distribute and promote it wherever and whenever possible. Be part of the movement to create positive change for the co-op sector, and for the province as a whole.

Social Finance Census

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the federal government's decision to eliminate the mandatory long-form questionnaire in the Canadian census.

The matter is discussed in the Ontario Nonprofit Network's blog. also has a blog post discussing the census but has taken an innovative approach to the matter, creating the first ever Social Finance Census. The Census is voluntary but important. 

The Social Finance Census aims to:

* Build a profile of innovative non-profits, social enterprises, and social purpose businesses in Ontario;
* Determine the sector’s current sources of capital, its future capital needs, and the challenges it faces in accessing capital;
* Determine the potential that exists to provide the sector with new and alternative forms of capital to foster the sector’s growth;
* Analyze regulatory and resource barriers for development; and
* Conduct a preliminary assessment of the sector’s measurement of its social and/or environmental impact.

If you are a nonprofit, the census can be filled out by clicking here. If you are a social purpose business, the census can be filled out by clicking here.

Take Action on the new Nutritional Supplement Program

Last spring, the government made a commitment that the new Nutritional Supplement Program would be developed in consultation with stakeholders and medical experts - to "make sure we get this right", as Premier McGuinty said in the Legislature on March 29th. To date there has been no consultation.

There are indications that the Ministry of Health has already created the new program, and will be announcing it sometime in the next few weeks. 25 in 5 is skeptical that it will measure up to their Five Principles set out for the program, the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario, and the ODSP Action Coalition.

25 in 5 asks you to urge the government to meet its commitment to consult on this important program, which supports the therapeutic dietary needs of more than 130,000 Ontarians.

As soon as you can, please contact Premier McGuinty ( and say:
• Your government made a commitment to consult on the new Nutritional Supplement Program.
• I'm asking you to make sure the Ministry of Health fulfills that commitment by consulting with key stakeholders, including experts from the health and social sectors and people with lived experience, before the new program is approved and rolled out.
• I believe the new Nutritional Supplement Program should be based on the Five Principles created by the ODSP Action Coalition, the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario, and the 25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction.

Please copy your email to:
• Minister Deb Matthews (,
• her Policy Advisor Tatum Wilson (,
• Premier McGuinty's chief of staff, Chris Morley (,
• as well as 25 in 5 (

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