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This Federal Election, Take Action for Community Economies

CED approaches with a strong commitment to democratic processes create the most relevant, resilient, adaptive, equitable, and effective strategies for communities to benefit and thrive.  Similarly, democracy at a macro level puts power in the hands of people, fostering policies and decision-making that are more relevant to our communities and our lives.

Cash Back

Yellowhead Institute

Cash Back report cover: Image of a grazing bison with text "Cash Back: A yellowhead institute red paper. May 2021. yellowhead institute."THIS REPORT is about the value of Indigenous lands. 

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2020 Highlights

As we approach our 2021 Annual General Meeting, we are looking back on 2020. 

How do we tell the story of such a year? How do we honour the pain and grief experienced the world over, while at the same time celebrating the solidarity, mutual aid, and resilience that were born from the turmoil?  How do we leverage our collective power to protect and nurture CCEDNet members, communities, and life itself -- all while caring for ourselves? 

Invitation to Endorse Recommendations for Improving the Investment Readiness Program

Scrabble letters spelling READYThe recent federal budget renewed the Investment Readiness Program (IRP) for a second 2-year, $50 million term. 

How can we ensure that this second phase of the IRP is effective in meeting its goals?  How can we ensure that the issues identified during the pilot phase of the IRP are addressed?


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