Community and Economic Development Plan Guidebook

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Community and Economic Development Plan GuidebookThe Guidebook is both a reference document and a workbook. The Guidebook supports a community through the planning process including workshops and results in a plan document. It provides a simple, practical, effective way for villages to identify values, define goals, set priorities, and develop and implement an action plan. The focus of the Guidebook is to help villages generate community and economic development plans responsive to local needs yet feasible from a regional economic

Funding agencies and organizations require some type of community plan prior to funding housing, public facilities, infrastructure, workforce development, and small business development projects. The U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA) requires a unique planning process and document called a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) to qualify for assistance under its economic adjustment, planning, and public works programs.

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In addition, the Denali Commission which partners with other state and federal agencies and nonprofit agencies beginning with the Federal Fiscal Year 2005 funding cycle will require a community to have a comprehensive community plan. The community plan must identify community priority projects prior to funding considerations.

This Guidebook maps out a planning process and plan document that meet the criteria of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and the Denali Commission definition of a comprehensive community plan.

Table of Contents

   Focus of Guidebook
   Build on Prior Planning Efforts
   Who Will Benefit from Using this Guidebook?
   Assistance and Funding with Your Plan
   How to Use the Guidebook
   Organization of Planning Guidebook
Chapter 1: Introduction
   Objectives of Introduction
   Why Is Planning Important to the Sustainability of Your Community
   Increase the Likelihood of Success
   Community Planning and Economic Development
   What Is a Community Plan?
   What Is a Community Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)?
   Why Would a Community Want Its Own CEDS?
   Required Elements of a CEDS
Chapter 2: Bristol Bay Region Challenges and Opportunities
   Economic Conditions
   Social Conditions
Chapter 3: Getting Started
   Community Initiates Planning Process
   First Steps
   Form a Planning Committee
   Appoint a Community Coordinator or Facilitator
   Now You Are Ready to Begin Answering the Four CEDS Questions
   Getting Started with the Planning Process Form
Chapter 4: Analysis Section
Chapter 5: Holding Community Workshops

   Convene Workshop
   Present Results of Background Research
   Community Mapping Exercise
Chapter 6: Community Values and Vision
   Community Values
   What do you treasure about your community?
   Why do you live here?
   Community Vision
   Break to Summarize Community Input
Chapter 7: Goals
   Steps to Reach your Vision
Chapter 8: Action Plan
   Project Feasibility
   Workshop Follow-Up
   Complete Community Plan
Chapter 9: Performance Measures and Monitoring


International CED
Introduction to CED
Planning and Evaluation

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