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BC Member Profile - LifeCycles Project Society, Victoria BC

Canadian CED Network

In 1992, a group of people got together with the intention of creating a community garden. They began to see food as a connecting force in dire social, environmental, health, and economic issues, though, and expanded their mission accordingly. Adopting a wider focus that includes finding easy access to local food; educating the community about food-related issues; getting more people involved in urban agriculture and the production of food; and, overall, sparking community interest in food systems, LifeCycles has become not only an organization but a movement for social change.


Profile of CED in Ontario


This report is the result of a recent survey of 56 community economic development (CED) organizations undertaken by the Canadian Community Economic Development Network‟s (CCEDNet) Ontario Region. This project signifies an important movement towards better understanding and developing the sector in Ontario, drawing upon the framework of a national report with a similar focus that was published in 2003. Though the report is not a comprehensive study it serves as a solid sample of CED in the province.


Youth in CED: Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op

This profile is one of fifteen stories examining youth involvement in community economic development (CED).

The Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op is a community centre where youth from Saskatoon's core neighbourhoods have the opportunity to become involved in economic ventures with co-operative and environmental themes. The youth are involved in a working co-operative in which their ideas provide the inspiration for work projects and they share the profits earned by these projects.

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