Thursday, Jun 29 1:00pm - 2:30pm (ADT)

Accelerating Worker Ownership: A Strategy Session on Co-operative Development in the Digital Economy and Beyond

International Centre for Co-operative Management, Saint Mary’s University

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Co-op models have a marginal position in business education, the technology industry, and the popular imagination. In response, co-operators and their allies have created incubators, accelerator programs, and mutual-aid networks to support early-stage tech co-ops.

Join an online panel facilitated by co-op researcher-practitioner Emi Do that brings together presenters from several such projects: CoTech, Exit to Community Collective, Platform Cooperativism Consortium, SPACE4,, UnFound Accelerator, and Union Co-operative Initiative. These projects advance democratic business formation and co-op theory-building, and they offer valuable lessons on the promises and challenges of accelerating worker ownership today.

This panel will explore goals, strategies, and dilemmas of co-operative development in the digital economy and beyond. It will also provide participants with an opportunity to connect with peers and allies.

Accelerating Worker Ownership is also a launch event for a new, in-depth analysis, Co-operatives, Work, and the Digital Economy: A Knowledge Synthesis Report, by Greig de Peuter, Gemma de Verteuil, and Salome Machaka.


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Co-operatives, Community Ownership, Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches, Entrepreneurship & Business Development