Activating Stagnant Capital to Catalyze Local Transformation

Schumacher Center

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As the 50th anniversary of Small is Beautiful, 2023 is our opportunity to advance solutions to today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges that build on Schumacher’s original vision.

To meet this calling, the Schumacher Center is convening a monthly series featuring New Economic thinkers, builders and activists from a range of fields. “Schumacher Conversations: Envisioning the Next 50 Years” brings together change-makers whose work today is actively shaping a ‘small is beautiful’ future, organized around 12 key themes and fields of activism.

May’s theme is Activating Stagnant Capital to Catalyze Local Transformation. This online Conversation takes place Thursday, May 18th at 2PM (EST).


Anywhere in Canada


CED Around the World, Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches, Finance, Local Economy