August 20-30 2023

Co-operative Law Summer School

Offered by International Centre for Co-operative Management and hosted at the J. Dobrila University of Pula (Croatia).

Event Type:
Course, In-person

Co-operative law and its relationship to the co-operative identity and sustainable development:

This course builds links between co-operative law, Co-operative Identity (ICA 1995), and sustainable development. How are values and principles translated into legal rules and legal practice? What types of rules are fitting, and what may cause ‘degeneration’ of co-operative enterprise? How do legal structural elements of co-operatives relate to aspects of sustainable development? This course is relevant to an international audience and can apply to all types of co-operatives and mutuals, in all sectors of the economy.


Hagen Henrÿ, a renowned co-operative legal expert, is the main instructor. Hagen is a visiting scholar at the University of Helsinki and Chairman of the International Co-operative Alliance’s Cooperative Law Committee. The course will also include guest speakers in economics and law.

Intended Audience

Individuals with a strong interest in co-operative law including lawyers, law students in advanced stages of study, co-operative practitioners, policymakers, regulators and those working in the co-op sector in advocacy and/or government relations.




CED Around the World, Co-operatives, Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches