Thursday February 9th

Converting Businesses to Social Purpose Organizations for Equity-Denied Groups

Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation

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This session will cover the context and types of Social Purpose Organizations as well as explore the possibility that Equity-Denied Groups might feel alignment with the structure of Social Purpose Organizations, as they differ from traditional business models that have often underserved and under-represented them. The session will also explore how transitioning to co-operatives, B-Corps, and Social Enterprises could be the right fit. There will be broad discussion about whether and how to transition to a Social Purpose Organization (SPO), the benefits of transitioning, and sources of support. Additionally, participants will hear from an existing SPO (that serves EDGs) about their challenges and successes. Questions are encouraged throughout the presentation.

*Equity-Denied Groups includes BIPOC people, people with disabilities, women, LQBTQ2+, and youth.


Anywhere in Canada


Community Ownership, Disability Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Organizational Development, Racialized Communities