June 15, 2023 at 2pm Eastern Time

Creating a Global Renewable Energy Commons

Schumacher Center for a New Economics

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As the 50th anniversary of the book Small is Beautiful, 2023 is our opportunity to advance solutions to today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges that build on Schumacher’s original vision. To do so, the Schumacher Center is convening a monthly series featuring New Economic thinkers, builders and activists from a range of fields.

The theme for June is “Creating a Global Renewable Energy Commons.”

The event will be held virtually on Thursday the 15th at 2PM (EST). Registration is free.


  • Stuart Cowan (Buckminster Fuller Institute)
  • Naomi Davis (Blacks In Green/Friends of Wind)
  • David Sturmes Verbeek (Fair Cobalt Alliance)




CED Around the World, Climate Change, Community Ownership, Renewable Energy