October 18, 2023

How Co-ops Can Overcome Barriers to Taking Climate Action?

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada

Event Type:
Virtual, Webinar

It is no longer possible to put off confronting the realities of the climate crisis. How can the co-operative movement support a just and resilient transition to a decarbonized future for all?

This online panel brings co-ops of various sizes from different sectors. Each face unique challenges specific to their industry, but also holds similar opportunities for leveraging larger networks of support for sharing knowledge and resources.

Facilitated by Carol Fraser, Senior Consultant and Analyst with Sustainability Solutions Group, this conversation will explore goals, strategies, and dilemmas that co-operatives face in operationalizing a commitment to emissions reduction and adapting to increasing climate hazards.

This online discussion will be available in simultaneous interpretation. Participants will be able to ask questions to the panelists at the end of the session.


Anywhere in Canada


Climate Change, Co-operatives, Community Ownership, Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches