Thursday, February 16th

Making Reparations: Seeding a Just Future

Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Event Type:
Virtual, Webinar

As the 50th anniversary of the book Small is Beautiful, 2023 is our opportunity to advance solutions to today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges that build on Schumacher’s original vision. To meet this calling, the Schumacher Center is convening a monthly series featuring New Economic thinkers, builders and activists from a range of fields. February’s theme is Making Reparations: Seeding a Just Future.

Today, there is a growing recognition that the prevailing economic system is holding back collective agendas for a habitable planet and a fairer distribution of wealth. Realizing the extent to which the dominant system remains rooted in legacies of colonial violence and slavery, addressing the systemic injustices of racism and colonialism remain essential elements of a just and regenerative future. Accordingly, the Center is pleased to introduce the participants in this month’s installment of the 2023 series, Schumacher Conversations: the Next 50 Years, bringing together change-makers whose work today is actively shaping a ‘small is beautiful’ future.

February’s panelists are those at the forefront of efforts to publicly reckon with these systemic injustices and repair their harms.


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