9am – 4pm ET on Wednesdays (biweekly) from April 19 – May 3, 2023 (2 days)

Navigating Change for Leaders Training: 2 -day

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet)

Event Type:
Virtual, Workshop

9am – 4pm ET on Wednesdays (biweekly) from April 19 – May 3, 2023 (2 days)

If you are leading any change elements in your organization, and need to implement major changes – this is the course for you.  Organizational change is not easy.  Oftentimes it has challenges and is incumbent on strategic, thoughtful leadership. How you navigate change and support others to move through it is critical.  Arrive with a change issue in hand, apply leading change management principles, approaches and frameworks and leave with an action plan that will energize and best support your teams and stakeholders so together your vision for change can be achieved. 

Learning Objectives:

Module 1 (7 hours):

Understand organizational change through the change curve and Bridges Transition Model; analyze the change in more detail to better inform your problem solving and response(s), develop the script and skills to participate in a change conversation based on principles of effective communication; explore the essential skills of a change leader, assess your own strengths and weaknesses and commit to an action(s) or strategy/ies to improve your capacity to lead through change.

Module 2 (7 hours):

Examine how to most effectively navigate uncertainty and ambivalence; embed resilience within your team(s) and your own leadership style; explore the context of the change to leverage strengths and opportunities and mitigate limitations, and threats; begin to map out an action plan that helps you and your stakeholders to intentionally and strategically navigate change; reflect on the posture you want to embody as a change leader

For whom: 

For those supporting employees through change or overseeing organizational change and looking to build a proactive response and plan through the transition.  


Due to the applied nature of this course you will be required to commit to approximately 1 hour of self reflection in advance of the first module and approximately 2 hours of self-reflection in advance of the second module.

Course fee: 

  • $539 for CCEDNet members 
  • $679 for Non-members


Anywhere in Canada


Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches, Organizational Development