November 24 - November 27, 2022

Peoples Social Impact Forum

SETSI Community Coalition

Event Type:
Conference, Virtual

The Peoples Social Impact Forum will bring together allies and equity seeking communities for four days of social innovation.

This November SETSI unites old allies and connects new ones.

SETSI convenes to connect, share, learn, collaborate and co-create movements for sustainable social impact.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, The Peoples Social Impact Forum will bring together allies and broader equity seeking communities for four days of social innovation.

Thought leaders and practitioners across the social economy, food sovereignty, community finance, faith communities, climate finance, impact investing and social procurement landscape will gather to unpack and build on the intersectionality of our collective work and impact.

Through panels, presentations and workshops we will reimagine the future for a people’s centred economy that is rooted in community finance and solidarity. We convene to share best practices and models of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. Our community coalition believes deeply that practice must inform policies.

  • What are the case studies required to actualize systems change?
  • How are Canadian social innovators addressing complex challenges in this changing time?
  • Where are the transformative models and communities of practice that require amplification, validation and or replication?
  • How do we establish ecosystems that are grounded in a sense of belonging?

Over four days of the conference you will be able to:

  • Connect as community members to learn from and with each other.
  • Explore how we as members of various ecosystems co-create the sustainable architecture for meaningful collaboration.
  • Identify how we are adapting our community engagement strategies, and stewarding relationships with people to inform practices and establish more equitable policies to respond to contemporary issues.
  • Discover and apply new methodologies to collective impact work and opportunities for cooperative frameworks.
  • Continue to co-create a national narrative around the social innovation and the Canadian solidarity economy.

Why should you attend?

Are you active in social innovation and systems change work?

As a Canadian do you feel we can create better economic outcomes utilizing social innovation tools?

Do you feel passionate to share and learn from other practitioners who work to create positive community change?

Come and join us for this gathering including practitioners:

  • from coast to coast to coast in Canada,
  • at different stages in their practitioner journey,
  • engaged in confronting a diversity of pervasive social challenges,

Panels included

Decolonizing Data Panel – (Virtual)

Credit Unions and Climate Finance Panel – (Virtual)

We Funded Her Panel – (Virtual)

Centre for Public Safety Panel (In-Person)

Land Access and Food Sovereignty Panel (In-Person)

When Elders Speak Panel (Virtual)

People Over Profit – Social Finance and Impact Investing in Canada Panel (Virtual)

The Future of the Cooperatives Movement in Canada (Virtual)

Social Purpose Real Estate – Presentation/Panel (Virtual)

Reimagining Social Procurement in Canada Panel (Virtual)

Faith Communities and Social Innovation – Presentation/Panel (Virtual)


Ontario, Toronto


Co-operatives, Community Ownership, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Evaluation, Finance, Food & Water Security, Partnership Building, Social Economy, Social Enterprise, Women