2018 ACE Institute – Fostering Coop Innovation

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24 juillet, 2018 - 26 juillet, 2018

2018 ACE Institute – Fostering Coop InnovationThe Association of Cooperative Educators (ACE) is pleased to invite you to its 2018 Annual Institute "Fostering Coop Innovation"!

The Annual Institute is the only annual conference in North America dedicated solely to the promotion of cooperative education and to the training of all cooperators (educators, leaders, developers, learners, etc.). It is a unique learning opportunity for 100-120 cooperators from all cooperative sectors and across national boundaries.

As one of the most prestigious co-op education events in the world, our Annual Institute is a real summer school of cooperation. This year, be one of us and join us in Minneapolis for an exciting Institute!

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Our complete program will be available mid-June. We can already tell you that our program will include 5 keynotes, 9 workshops, 2 panel presentations, 2 mobile learning sessions (co-op tours), various poster presentations, an opening cocktail  and a Gala with live performances!

Key themes this year are alternative agricultural co-op models, capitalization, creative governance, youth engagement, health co-ops, member engagement, co-op legislations, co-ops around the world, co-op success stories, housing co-ops, co-op values and the strengthening of democracy, financial co-op challenges, etc

ACE Institute
Minneapolis  Minnesota